Sacramentum Mundi Online

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Edited by: Karl Rahner with Cornelius Ernst and Kevin Smyth.
Advisor for the online edition: Karen Kilby, Durham University

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Sacramentum Mundi Online is the online edition of the famous six volume English reference work in Catholic Theology, edited (in 1968-1970) by Karl Rahner, one of the main Catholic theologians of the 20th century. Sacramentum Mundi: An Encyclopedia of Theology was originally published by Herder Verlag, and is now available online at Brill.

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Author(s): Émile Delaruelle
The term “Gallicanism” in the sense of a certain doctrine and practice which persisted during various periods was coined by the historians of the 19th century. There are two aspects to be noted. One is the historical manifestation of a French nationalism in Church affairs, including the reaction of the monarchy to the centralism of the papal Curia, which, however, allowed the French State many rights in the ecclesiastical sphere. The other is the theory of canon law, compounded of conciliarist, …