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Edited by: Karl Rahner with Cornelius Ernst and Kevin Smyth.
Advisor for the online edition: Karen Kilby, Durham University

Sacramentum Mundi Online is the online edition of the famous six volume English reference work in Catholic Theology, edited (in 1968-1970) by Karl Rahner, one of the main Catholic theologians of the 20th century. Sacramentum Mundi: An Encyclopedia of Theology was originally published by Herder Verlag, and is now available online at Brill.

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Author(s): Herbert Scheit
1. Hylemorphism is strictly characteristic of Aristotelian scholastic philosophy. It is an effort to explain the nature of inner- worldly things. All bodies are essentially composed of matter (ΰλη) and form (μορφή) which in the concrete thing combine to make a unified whole. Hence hylemorphism is opposed to the various forms of atomism and dynamic monism which ultimately assume one single essential basis of beings. It is also opposed to a dualism which would suppose in living beings, and especia…