Sacramentum Mundi Online

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Edited by: Karl Rahner with Cornelius Ernst and Kevin Smyth.
Advisor for the online edition: Karen Kilby, Durham University

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Sacramentum Mundi Online is the online edition of the famous six volume English reference work in Catholic Theology, edited (in 1968-1970) by Karl Rahner, one of the main Catholic theologians of the 20th century. Sacramentum Mundi: An Encyclopedia of Theology was originally published by Herder Verlag, and is now available online at Brill.

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Kingdom of God

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Author(s): Alois Halder
A. Knowledge as a Problem 1. The self-acceptance of knowledge and of scepticism. The question of the “nature” of knowledge, as posed in philosophy, is itself aimed at knowledge, that is, at knowledge about knowledge. If it is posed as a meaningful and rational question, it positively anticipates the possibility of knowledge,, and accepts itself as knowledge and has thereby begun to give concrete reality to the nature of knowldege. To put the problem and solve it by denying that knowledge is possible in any…