Sezgin Online II: The Frankfurt Volumes Related publications

Get access Subject: Middle East And Islamic Studies
Author: Fuat Sezgin

Sezgin 2 Online consists of volumes 10-17 of Fuat Sezgin's renowned Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums (GAS), the largest and most modern bio-bibliography for the Arabic literary tradition in general, and the history of science and technology in the Islamic world in particular. These volumes were originally published in print in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.

Sezgin 2 Online offers bio-bibliographical information about renowned figures (writers, poets, philosophers, physicians, scientists, linguists etc.) from the Islamic world in the following subjects:
• geography and cartography (vols. 10, 11, 12, 13)
• anthropogeography (vols. 14, 15)
• literature (vols. 16, 17)

Sezgin Online complements Brockelmann Online and Brockelmann in English and is an indispensable research tool for Middle Eastern and Islamic studies.

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