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The Plantin Press Online aims to provide in-depth bibliographical descriptions of all editions printed and published by Christopher Plantin (c. 1520–1589) in Antwerp and by his officina in Leiden until his death on 1 July 1589. It includes references to his typographical material, his correspondence, and the Plantin archive in Antwerp, as well as links to digital reproductions. Based on the printed edition compiled by Leon Voet in collaboration with Jenny Voet-Grisolle (Amsterdam, 1980–1983), this open-access research tool incorporates the latest bibliographical findings as well as corrections to the print edition. The dataset is continuously updated and complemented by specialists at the Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. We are embedding citizen science, which means we invite users to provide any additional information that would improve this bibliography.

This digital resource is published in collaboration with Museum Plantin-Moretus.

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See: Carmina novem illustrium feminarum, 1568 (no. 917); Pindarus (no. 2056).


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Flemish Dominican friar, theologian and preacher. Born in Ghent, 1517 — died there 12 February 1601. Doctor in theology at Louvain University in 1548; inquisitor in 1560; prior of several monasteries of his order in the Netherlands. He was at Ghent in 1575-1576, but when the Calvinists took power he fled to Cambrai. After some other peregrinations (a.o. a stay at Rome in 1580), he came back to his native city after its reddition to Alexander Farnese in 1584. Cf. Bibliographie Nationale [de Belgique], 4, 1873, cols. 741-744; Nieuw Nederlandsch Biografisch Woordenboek, 1, 1911, cols. 21…

BAERLE, Jacobus van

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See: Barlaeus, Jacobus.

BAERLE, Melchior van

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See: Barlaeus, Melchior.


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Jacobite bishop of Beth-Raman. Died in 903. 621 De paradiso commentarius, [ed. Andreas Masius], 1569


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Brabant humanist. Born at Antwerp; died at De Briel, December 1603. He probably left Antwerp at the arrival of the Duke of Alva (anyway at Emden in 1567-1568, at Bremen in 1569, student at Heidelberg University in 1571). During the Calvinist regime he became steward of the ecclesiastical estates at Antwerp. He once again left the City at the capitulation in August 1585, to become co-rector of the Latin School at Leiden. Later he went to Amsterdam, and finally, from 28 May 1593 on, directed the Latin School at De Briel. Cf. Nieuw Nederlandsch Biografisch Woordenboek, 2, 1912, col. 71; BB, …


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Antwerp humanist, born c. 1540. Practically nothing is known of his life. Cf. Biographie Nationale [de Belgique], I, 1866, cols. 625-626. 624 De miseriis et fragilitate humanae vitae libellus, 1566


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Dutch scholar. Born in Baarland near Goes (Zeeland) on 28 September 1486 or 1487, died in Louvain probably on 30 November 1538. After studies at the Latin School of P. Scotus at Ghent from 1497/1498 till 1501/1502, he moved to Louvain, where he gained the title of magister artium. Lecturer and professor at different colleges of the Louvain University — with some interruptions — from about 1510 till his death. Cf. Biographie Nationale [de Belgique], I, 1866, cols. 718-722; E. Daxhelet, Adrien Barlandus. Humaniste belge. 1486-1538. Sa vie, son oeuvre, sa personnalité, Louvain, 1938; BB,…


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Italian divine and scholar. Sora, 31 October 1538 — Rome, 30 June 1607. He studied law at Naples and Rome. He entered the Congregation of the Oratorium and became a priest in 1563. After working for 30 years in Rome, he was in 1593 appointed head of his Congregation, in 1596 cardinal, in 1597 head of the Vatican library. His most important work is the Annales Ecclesiastici in 12 volumes (first edition: Rome, 1588-1593; second edition: Antwerp, Officina Plantiniana, 1589-1612). Plantin made the contacts with Baronius for this publication and started printing th…


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Dutch ‘prophet’, with his real name Jansen, but calling himself Barrefelt after his native village Barneveld (near Amersfoort; in Gelderland). In his works he took the pseudonym ‘Hiël’ (Life of God). Not much is known of his life. He was very likely born in the second decade of the 16th century. In the early years of his life he was a weaver. Originally an Anabaptist, he became in the early 1540s a follower of the Family of Love, entering into the circle of the intimates of the founder of the se…


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Saint and Archbishop of Caesarea (Cappadocia). Born probably at Caesarea, c. 330; Archbishop 370; died 379. 632 De ieiunio sermo, 1589

Batavia, sive de antiquo veroque eius insulae quam Rhenus in Hollandia facit situ, descriptione et laudibus, [ed. Bonaventura Vulcanius], 1586

(458 words)

Author(s): AURELIUS, Cornelius
Record ID Voet: 605 Title page transcription BATAVIA, ‖ SIVE ‖ DE ANTIQVO VEROQVE ‖ EIVS INSVLÆ QVAM RHENVS ‖ in HOLLANDIA facit situ, descri- ‖ ptione & laudibus; aduersus GERAR- ‖ DVM NOVIOMAGVM, ‖ LIBRI DVO; ‖ Auctore CORN. AVRELIO, ‖ D. Erasmi Roterodami olim præceptore. ‖ Item alia quæ proxima pagella indicabit. ‖ BONAVENTVRÆ VVLCANII operâ, ‖ nunc primum in lucem edita. ‖ ⊕ 43 ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Apud Christophorum Plantinum. ‖ CIƆ.IƆ.LXXXVI. Collation 8⁰ (167 × 104 [128]): *⁸, A-H⁸, I⁴; pp. [1-16], 1-135, [136] (Errors: 99 not numbered, 101 for 117, 108 for 124, 126 for 128) Pages [1]: Title[2]…


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Netherlandish lawyer and neo-Latin poet. Lille, 8 April 1561 — Leiden, 22 August 1613. Emigrated with his parents to Aix-la-Chapelle during Alva’s reign. Student in theology at Leiden in 1578, he went somewhat later to Ghent and Geneva. On 7 September 1583 he was again registered at the University of Leiden, this time as student in law; promoted in 1585. Lived in England and France, before becoming in 1603 professor at the Leiden University. Cf. Biographie Nationale [de Belgique], 1, 1866, cols. 792-796; Nieuw Nederlandsch Biografisch Woordenboek, 6, 1924, cols. 81-82; P.L.M. Gro…

BECANUS, Joannes Goropius

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See: Goropius Becanus, Joannes.


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Anglo-Saxon monk and priest, scholar and historian. Born in Northumbria, 672 or 673; died 26 May 735. 634 Martyrologium, 1564

Bedieninghe der anatomien, 1583

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Author(s): MAUDEN (MAUDE, MAULDE), David van
Record ID Voet: 1655Museum Plantin-Moretus: c:lvd:1132958 Title page transcription BEDIENINGHE ‖ DER ANATOMIEN, ‖ Dat is ‖ MANIERE ENDE ONDERRICHTINGHE ‖ om perfectelijck des menschen lichaem t’anatomizeren, na ‖ de leeringhe Galeni, Vesalij, Falloppij en̄ Arantij, achtervol- ‖ gende de figuren en̄ characteren oft letteren der Anatomie ‖ Vesalij en Valuerde, van Plantino int Nederlants ghedruct. ‖ Deur ‖ DAVID VAN MAVDEN Doctor inde Medicijne, ende Pre- ‖ lector inde Chirurgie tot Antwerpen, ordentlick by een gebrocht, ‖ met groote moeyte, conste, end…


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635 Kort begrip des redenkavelings. Leiden, 1585

Belgae in exoptatam D. Leocadiae e Belgica ad pristinos avitosque lares reversionem varii generis versus, 1587

(466 words)

Author(s): PANTINUS (PANTIN), Petrus
Record ID Voet: 1945Museum Plantin-Moretus: c:lvd:3243880 Title page transcription PETRI PANTINI ‖ BELGÆ ‖ IN EXOPTATAM D. LEOCADIÆ ‖ E‘ BELGICA AD PRISTINOS ‖ AVITOSQVE LARES ‖ REVERSIONEM ‖ Varij generis versus. ‖ ⊕ 29 ‖ ANTVERPIAE, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ Architypographi Regij. ‖ M.D.LXXXVII. Collation 4⁰ (215 × 163): A-B⁴; pp. 1-15, [16] Pages [1]: Title[2]: Blank3: Dedicatory to Gaspar Quiroga, Archbishop of Toledo (in Ro capitals)4-15: Text (It)15: Appr. (s. Silvester Pardo, Antwerp)[16]: Blank Copies MPM (A 336)RL The Hague Reference RDB, p. 296 (1587, no. 6)BB,…


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Italian Jesuit and scholar. Montepulciano, 4 October 1542 — Rome, 17 September 1621. Novice on 21 September 1560. He taught at Florence, Mondovi, and Padua, and was for some time professor at the University of Louvain. When returning to Italy in 1576 he was charged by Pope Gregorius XIII with a curriculum in the newly found Collegium Romanum at Rome, of which he became later rector. Cardinal in 1599; Archbishop of Capua from 1602 till August 1605. Cf. De Backer-Sommervogel, 1, cols. 1151-1254. 636 De translatione Imperii Romani a Graecis ad Francos, adversus Matthiam Flaccium …


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French chemist and physician. Born c. 1517 at La Soultière en Cérans, near Le Mans (and consequently often called Belon du Mans, Bellonius Cenomanus); died at Paris, 1564. He followed at Wittenberg the lessons of the great chemist Valerius Cordus (1540-41), to become chemist of Cardinal de Tournon, who remained his great patron. A remarkable naturalist and an indefatigable traveller, Belon visited a large part of Europe and the Near East. ‘Escholier du roy’ (of Francis II) in 1559, licentiate in medicine at the Paris faculty in 1560, he was murdered in the Bois de Boulogne in 1564. Cf. Dictio…
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