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The Plantin Press Online aims to provide in-depth bibliographical descriptions of all editions printed and published by Christopher Plantin (c. 1520–1589) in Antwerp and by his officina in Leiden until his death on 1 July 1589. It includes references to his typographical material, his correspondence, and the Plantin archive in Antwerp, as well as links to digital reproductions. Based on the printed edition compiled by Leon Voet in collaboration with Jenny Voet-Grisolle (Amsterdam, 1980–1983), this open-access research tool incorporates the latest bibliographical findings as well as corrections to the print edition. The dataset is continuously updated and complemented by specialists at the Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. We are embedding citizen science, which means we invite users to provide any additional information that would improve this bibliography.

This digital resource is published in collaboration with Museum Plantin-Moretus.

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Italian humanist. Rome, 11 December 1529 — 18 May 1600. A natural son of a member of the Roman noble family of Orsini, he grew up in relative poverty, but his intelligent mind attracted soon the attention of ecclesiastical personalities. He entered himself the church, and became in 1558 librarian to Cardinal Ranuccio Farnese, and later to Cardinal Alexander Farnese. He bequeathed his important collection of Roman antiquities to Cardinal Odoard Farnese, nephew of his former protector, and his invaluable collection of manuscripts to the Vatican. Cf. P. de Nolhac, La bibliothèque de Ful…