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The Plantin Press Online aims to provide in-depth bibliographical information on all editions printed and published by Christophe Plantin (c. 1520–1589) in Antwerp and by his printing office in Leiden until his death on 1 July 1589. It includes references to his typographical material, woodblocks, copperplates, his correspondence, and the Plantin archives in Antwerp, as well as existing copies, bibliographical works, links to digital reproductions, and recent research. Based on the extensive six-volume printed edition compiled by Leon Voet in collaboration with Jenny Voet-Grisolle (Amsterdam, 1980–1983), this open-access research tool incorporates the latest bibliographical findings as well as additions and corrections to the print edition.  

The dataset has been and will be continuously updated and complemented by scholars working on Christophe Plantin and his printed legacy by embedding citizen science, which means we actively encourage users to provide any additional information that would improve the records in the Plantin Press Online. If you have a correction, addition or adaption for the Plantin Press Online, you can fill in our contact form. 

This digital research tool is published in open access in collaboration with Museum Plantin-Moretus

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XXV fables des animaux, 1578

(660 words)

Record ID cp010345 Voet reference number 1962 Museum Plantin-Moretus c:lvd:1133013 Author Etienne PERRET Title page transcription XXV. ‖ FABLES DES ANIMAVX. ‖ VRAY MIROIR EXEMPLAIRE, ‖ PAR LEQVEL TOVTE PERSONNE RAI- ‖ sonnable pourra voir & comprendre, auec plaisir & contente- ‖ ment d'esprit, la conformité & vraye similitude de la personne ‖ ignorante (viuante selon les sensualitez charnelles) aux ani- ‖ maux & bestes brutes: ‖ COMPOSE' ET MIS EN LVMIERE ‖ PAR ESTIENNE PERRET, ‖ CITOYEN D'ANVERS. ‖ ⊕ 24 ‖ A ANVERS, ‖ Imprimé par Christophle Plantin, pour l'Aucteur. ‖ M.D.LXXVIII. Collat…
Date: 2023-07-25