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The SHAFR Guide Online: An Annotated Bibliography of U.S. Foreign Relations since 1600 is a near-comprehensive, 2.1 million-word online annotated bibliography of historical work covering the entire span of U.S. foreign relations. It aims to jump-start the research of both students from high school to graduate school as well as the most advanced scholars.

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OSS and Operation Torch

(86 words)

Author(s): Walker, David A.
Bibliographic entry in Chapter 13: The U…

OSS and the Yugoslav Resistance, 1943-1945

(118 words)

Author(s): Ford, Kirk, Jr.
Bibliographic entry in Chapter 13: The U…

OSS in China: Prelude to Cold War

(160 words)

Author(s): Yu, Maochun
Bibliographic entry in Chapter 13: The U…

OSS/State Department Intelligence and Research Reports. Microfilm

(60 words)

Bibliographic entry in Chapter 13: The U…

OSS: The Secret History of America's First Central Intelligence Agency

(77 words)

Author(s): Smith, R. Harris
Bibliographic entry in Chapter 13: The U…

Oswald Garrison Villard, Pacifist at War

(123 words)

Author(s): Wreszin, Michael
Bibliographic entry in Chapter 10: The U…

Other Immigrants: Mexicans and the Dillingham Commission of 1907-1911

(93 words)

Author(s): Benton-Cohen, Katherine
Bibliographic entry in Chapter 8: Expans…

Other Major International Organizations

(1,295 words)

Author(s): Sheyda F. A. Jahanbani
Section in Chapter 30: Non-Governmental …

Other Powers in Africa

(3,902 words)

Author(s): John C. Stoner
Section in Chapter 23: The United States…

Other Studies Related to War's End and the Peace Conference

(7,655 words)

Author(s): Jennifer D. Keene
Section in Chapter 10: The United States…

Our Cuban Colony, a Study in Sugar

(60 words)

Author(s): Jenks, Leland Hamilton
Bibliographic entry in Chapter 9: The Un…

Our Endless War: Inside Vietnam

(85 words)

Author(s): Tran Van Don
Bibliographic entry in Chapter 17: The U…
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