Vocabulary for the Study of Religion

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Edited by: Robert A. Segal & Kocku von Stuckrad.

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The Vocabulary for the Study of Religion offers a unique overview of critical terms in the study of religion(s). This first dictionary in English covers a broad spectrum of theoretical topics used in the academic study of religion, including those from adjacent disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, historiography, theology, philology, literary studies, psychology, philosophy, cultural studies, and political sciences.

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(1,266 words)

Author(s): David E. Cooper
Abstract: The term “landscape” was first applied to paintings of rural scenes, but now refers also to places as these are experienced and found to be significant. While there is a long history of stu…
Date: 2014-09-16


(4,094 words)

Author(s): John Rogerson
Abstract: The demands of Bible translation have stimulated fundamental research into the morphology and syntax both of the biblical languages and languages into which the Bible has been translated. Y…


(5,038 words)

Author(s): Winnifred Sullivan
Abstract: Law is fundamentally present in all human society — that is, in the sense that all societies have rules and processes that structure and govern them, and in the sense that all persons can b…

Legitimacy / Legitimization

(3,515 words)

Author(s): Olav Hammer | Jesper Sørensen
Abstract: Religious claims can be perceived as legitimate because they follow cognitive “natural” pathways: We thus tend to accept the claims current in our social networks, and are biased towards se…
Date: 2014-09-16