Vocabulary for the Study of Religion

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Edited by: Robert A. Segal & Kocku von Stuckrad.

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The Vocabulary for the Study of Religion offers a unique overview of critical terms in the study of religion(s). This first dictionary in English covers a broad spectrum of theoretical topics used in the academic study of religion, including those from adjacent disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, historiography, theology, philology, literary studies, psychology, philosophy, cultural studies, and political sciences.

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(2,451 words)

Author(s): Frederick Grinnell
Abstract: Individuals inter…

Object Relations

(2,406 words)

Author(s): Daniel Meckel
Abstract: The entry describes psychoanalytic object relations theories and their application to religion, especially to the formation and function of the God image. These “relational” theories are di…


(6 words)

Abstract:   ⸙Orientalism / Occidentalism Bibliography 

Occult / Occultism

(3,553 words)

Author(s): Marco Pasi
Abstract: The term “occultism” was first used in the first half of the nineteenth century, but has its roots in a much older history. The adjective occultus (Lat., “hidden”), from which it derived, was used to indicate beliefs…

Oceanic feeling

(1,153 words)

Author(s): William Parsons
Abstract: This entry begins with the origin and usage of the term “oceanic feeling” in the context of modern spirituality, focusing on the debate between Sigmund Freud and Romain Rolland over its nat…
Date: 2014-09-16

Oedipus complex

(1,658 words)

Author(s): Hetty Zock
Abstract: The Oedipus complex, a central concept in Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical clinical work and theory of culture, is used in religious studies to explain the origin and function of religion. …