Vocabulary for the Study of Religion

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Edited by: Robert A. Segal & Kocku von Stuckrad.

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The Vocabulary for the Study of Religion offers a unique overview of critical terms in the study of religion(s). This first dictionary in English covers a broad spectrum of theoretical topics used in the academic study of religion, including those from adjacent disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, historiography, theology, philology, literary studies, psychology, philosophy, cultural studies, and political sciences.

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(2,253 words)

Author(s): Yamini Narayanan
Abstract: The early religious roots of human settlement and the subsequent process of urbanization has often been forgotten or overlooked by modern urban planners who are driven by the principles of …


(3,383 words)

Author(s): Howard Segal
Abstract: The term “utopia” typically conjures up naïve, impractical, unrealistic, superficial notions of an allegedly perfect society. However legitimate these objections, this entry emphasizes the …