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Authors: Todd M. Johnson and Gina A. Zurlo

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This in the online version of the 3rd edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia, which documents the changing status of World Christianity over the past 120 years from historical and social scientific perspectives. It records the continued shift of Christianity to the Global South and contains estimates for religious and nonreligious affiliation in every country of the world, including detail on Christianity to the denominational level. This reference work features comprehensive descriptions of all Christian traditions, including current information on the uniqueness of Christian experiences around the world.

The online version is fully text searchable, contains cross references and additional photo material.

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The two tables below arrange the world’s languages in two different ways. First, they are listed by size as the top 50 languages in the world. Included are the number of countries with significant numbers of individuals speaking that mother tongue. The majority religion is given along with the percentage of mother tongue speakers who are Christians. The second table sorts the world’s languages by the number of Christians. Spanish is the second-most spoken mother tongue in the world and the one w…


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Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxôn Lao (The Lao People’s Democratic Republic) Demographics (United Nations) Population 7,165,000 Area 240,000 sq. km (91,000 sq. mi) Population density 30/sq. km (78/sq. mi) Growth rate p.a. 1.46% (per 1,000: births 21, deaths 6) Under 15 years 32% Urban dwellers 36% (2.99% p.a.) Capital city Vientiane 683,000 Languages & peoples (World Christian Database) Mother tongues 39% Lao, 12% Khmu, 8% Hmong, 4% Tai Dón, 3% Phu Thai, plus 90 others Peoples 39% Lao (Laotian Tai, Lao-Lu); 12% Khmu (Lao-Theng); 4% White Tai (Thai Trang); 4% White Meo…

Latin America

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Demographics Population 664,474,000 Population density 32/sq. km (84/sq. mi) Growth rate p.a. 0.99% (per 1,000: births 15.16, deaths 6.28) Under 15 years 24% Urban dwellers 81% (1.18% p.a.) Largest city São Paulo, Brazil (22,043,000) Largest language Spanish (55%) Largest people Latin American Mestizo (28%) Socioeconomics Development Index (max 100) 75.4 Corruption Index (max 100) 66 Income per capita (US$) $14,499 Education 59% Adult literacy 93% Internet users 57% Health Physicians per 10,000 20.5 Infant mortality per 1,000 13 Life expectancy 77 HIV per 1,000 5 Malaria per 1,0…


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Latvijas Republika (The Republic of Latvia) Demographics (United Nations) Population 1,893,000 Area 65,000 sq. km (25,000 sq. mi) Population density 29/sq. km (76/sq. mi) Growth rate p.a. -1.02% (per 1,000: births 9, deaths 15) Under 15 years 16% Urban dwellers 68% (-0.68% p.a.) Capital city Riga 631,000 Languages & peoples (World Christian Database) Mother tongues 39% Standard Latvian, 29% Russian, 22% Latgalian, 4% Belarusian, 3% Ukrainian, plus 28 others Peoples 37% Latvian (Lett, Lettish); 29% Russian; 22% Latgalian (Upper Latvian); 4% Belorusian; 3% Ukrainian…


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Al Jumhūriyyah Al Lubnāniyyah (The Lebanese Republic) Demographics (United Nations) Population 6,020,000 Area 10,000 sq. km (3,900 sq. mi) Population density 590/sq. km (1,500/sq. mi) Growth rate p.a. 0.57% (per 1,000: births 15, deaths 5) Under 15 years 22% Urban dwellers 89% (-1.23% p.a.) Capital city Beirut 2,424,000 Languages & peoples (World Christian Database) Mother tongues 87% Arabic, 4% Armenian, 3% Kurdish, 2% Sinhala, 1% Amharic, plus 12 others Peoples 65% Lebanese Arab; 12% Palestinian Arab; 9% Syrian Arab; 4% Armenian (Ermeni, Armiane); 3% Northern Ku…


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Lesotho/The Kingdom of Lesotho Demographics (United Nations) Population 2,322,000 Area 30,000 sq. km (12,000 sq. mi) Population density 77/sq. km (200/sq. mi) Growth rate p.a. 1.32% (per 1,000: births 25, deaths 12) Under 15 years 35% Urban dwellers 29% (2.77% p.a.) Capital city Maseru 178,000 Languages & peoples (World Christian Database) Mother tongues 82% Southern Sotho, 14% Zulu, 2% Phuthi, 1% Xhosa, plus 5 others Peoples 80% Southern Sotho (Sutu); 14% Zulu; 2% Phuthi; 2% Taung; 1% Xhosa (Tembu, Thembu); plus 6 others Socioeconomics Development Index (max 100) 52 Corruption Inde…