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Vierhundert Jahre Juden in Hamburg. Eine Ausstellung des Museums für Hamburgische Geschichte vom 8. November 1991 bis 29. März 1992
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Translated title400 Years of Jews in Hamburg. An Exhibition of the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte from 8 November 1991 til 29 March 1992
Editor & Curator

Ulrich Bauche.


Hamburg, Germany, 1991. vol. 1 (of 3), 557 pp., illustrations: 26 col., ca. 400 b&w, 23 × 16.1 cm. German.




Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte (8 November 1991–29 March 1992)


A monumental exhibition and catalog on the history, religion, culture, art, science, politics, business and daily life of Hamburg Jews. Exhibits displayed in 8 categories focusing on: Religion and Jewish Life (Synagogue, Holidays and Life Cycle); the Sephardic-Portuguese Jews in Hamburg; the Ashkenazi Jews in Altona-Hamburg-Wandsbek; the Road to Equality following the Napoleonic Occupation; Search for Identity during the Wilhelmine Empire; Recognition and Risk during World War I and the Weimar Republic; Disempowerment, Robbery, Expulsion and Murder in the Nazi State; and Survivors and Rebuilding of the Jewish Community. Each section with introductory texts and extensive catalog entries for each exhibit. All exhibits pictured. 357 items.

main keywords


minor keywords

Antisemitic images/objects
Bezalel Art School
Challah covers
Challah knives
Circumcision implements/objects
Circumcision Torah Ark curtains
Damascene work
Elijah’s chair
Etrog containers
Faience ware
Haggadot, illuminated manuscripts
Hand-washing vessels
Hanukkah lamps
Hanukkah lamps, synagogue
Havdalah plates
Hebrew illuminated manuscripts, Bohemia-Moravia & Germany, 17th–19th C
Heine, Heinrich
Historical photographs
Joseph ben David of Leipnik (scribe-artist)
Keter Torah
Kiddush cups
Levite sets
Maps, Holy Land
Mendelssohn, Moses
Mezuzah cases
Montefiore, Moses
Ner Tamid
Oppenheim, Moritz Daniel
Paintings, Jewish figures
Paintings, synagogues
Pesach plates
Pidyon ha-Ben plates
Portraits, husband-wife pendants
Portraits, rabbis
Printed books
Prints, antisemitic
Prints, Jewish customs & ceremonies
Prints, Jewish figures
Prints, Jewish homes/residences
Prints, synagogues
Prints, Temple
Scrolls of Esther, cases
Seals/Stamps, community
Shabbat lamps
Shabbetai Tsvi
Shana Tova greeting cards
Soldiers (Jewish) & related objects
Synagogues, architectural plans
Synagogues, Germany
Synagogues, Hamburg
Synagogues, models/reconstructions
Temple of Jerusalem in art/architecture
Temple of Jerusalem models
Tombstones, ancient
Tombstones, Germany
Tombstones, Hamburg
Torah Ark curtains
Torah Arks
Torah Arks, miniature
Torah binders
Torah mantles
Tzedakah boxes/containers
Uri Feibush ben Isaac Segal (scribe-artist)
Wedding rings
Writing implements
Yahrzeit/Memorial lamps

Related publications

Herzig, Arno and Saskia Rohde (eds.), Die Juden in Hamburg 1590 bis 1990. Wissenschaftliche Beiträge der Universität Hamburg zur Ausstellung “Vierhundert Jahre Juden in Hamburg” [The Jews in Hamburg 1590 til 1990. Scientific Contributions of the University of Hamburg for the Exhibition “Four Hundred Years of Jews in Hamburg”], 1991 (= vol. 2), with 49 essays on the Jews of Hamburg, presented in 8 categories: Historical Overview, Community-Communal Life, Jewish Women, Art-Culture-Science, Socio-Economics, Persecution-Annihilation, Neighborhoods, and Renewal after 1945. Individual topics include: Hamburg Synagogues 1680–1943 (Saskia Rhode), a Torah Ark curtain donated by Moses Mendelssohn (Hermann Simon), and Jewish artists in National Socialism (Maike Bruhns); Die Synagoge an der Elbstraße und die Synagoge an den Kohlhöfen. Eine Rekonstruktion in Zeichnungen [The Synagogue on the Elbstraße and the Synagogue in Kohlhöfen. A Reconstruction in Drawings] (Saskia Rohde), 1991 (= vol. 3), with essay on each synagogue; Rudolph, Kornelia, Kurzführer durch die Ausstellung. Vierhundert Jahre Juden in Hamburg 8. November 1991–29. März 1992 [Brief Guide to the Exhibition. Four Hundred Years of Jews in Hamburg 8 November 1991–29 March 1992], 1991. Room-by-room guide to exhibition: Room 110 (Jewish artists), Room 108 (Solomon’s Temple), Room 130 (Solidarity with the Holy Land; Religion and Jewish Life, Sephardic Jews in Hamburg), Room 158 (Hamburg’s Jewish history, 17th C—Weimar Republic), Room 156 (Holocaust period and the destruction of Hamburg Jewry) and Room 155 (post-Holocaust revival of Hamburg’s Jewish community), with explanatory texts and references to specific items; Louven, Astrid, Vierhundert Jahre Juden in Hamburg. Programm der Gedenkveranstaltungen [Four Hundred Years of Jews in Hamburg. Program of Commemorative Events], 1991. List of programs, lectures and other exhibitions associated with the exhibition.

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