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Castles in Al-Baṣrah
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[355c] Hishâm ibn-al-Kalbi says:—The castle of Aus in al-Baṣrah is named after Aus1 ibn-Tha‘labah ibn-Ruḳa, one of the banu-Taim-Allâh, ibn-Tha‘labah ibn-‘Ukâbah. He was one of the leaders in Khurâsân, where he had engaged in big affairs, and was the man who, passing by Palmyra, said in regard to its two idols:

“O Maidens of the people of Tadmur, tell me,2

Are ye not weary with long standing?

It must seem to you as if age after age has passed

For your people, and year after year.”

The castle of Anus is named after Anas ibn-Mâlik al-Anṣâri, the servant of the Apostle of Allah.

The man w…

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