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12.18 History of India: Farruk̲h̲ābād
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In Volume 1-1: Qurʾānic Literature, History, and Biography | Section 2, History, Biography, etc.

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§ 906. Nawal Rāy, son of Hīrā La‘l, Ilāhābādī was in the service of Aḥmad K̲h̲ān Bangas̲h̲, Nawwāb of Farruk̲h̲ābād. when in 1170/1756–7 he wrote his Tawārīk̲h̲ i Aḥmad-K̲h̲ānī.

Tawārīk̲h̲ i Aḥmad-K̲h̲ānī in two bābs, of which the first is a metrical account of Aḥmad K̲h̲ān Bangas̲h̲ to his installation on the masnad in 1164/1751 and the second a metrical translation of tales collected from Hindī sources by a certain Gaurī Datt: Rieu iii 1003a (slightly defective at end. 18th cent.), 1054a (extracts only. Circ. ad 1850).

§ 907. Mīr Ḥusām al-Dīn Guwāliyārī, surnamed (mulaqqab) Muṭlaq ʿAlī S̲h̲āh,1 left Gwalior, his home, and entered the service of the Nawwābs of Farruk̲h̲ābād.

Muḥammad-K̲h̲ānī, a history of the Bangas̲h̲ Nawwābs of Farruk̲h̲ābād from the time of the founder, Muḥammad K̲h̲ān Bangas̲h̲, who died in 1156/1743 and after whom the work is evidently named, to the reign of Aḥmad K̲h̲ān, who died in 1185/1771 and who was evidently dead when this history was written, though the i.o. ms. contains no account of his death and apparently no date later than 1171/1757–8: i.o. 3896 (perhaps defective at end. Transcribed probably in 1878).

§ 908. S.M. Walī Allāh b. Aḥmad ʿAlī Farruk̲h̲ābādī (d. 1249/1833–4) has already been mentioned (p. 20 supra) as the author of a commentary on the Qurʾān entitled Naẓm al-jawāhir wa-naqd al-farāʾid.

Tārīk̲h̲ i Farruk̲h̲ābād, a history of Farruk̲h̲ābād and its Bangas̲h̲ rulers from its foundation in 1126/1714 to 1243/1827–8: Rieu iii 959b (ad 1852), Ivanow 194 (ah 1277/1860–1), ʿAlīgaṛh Subḥān Allāh mss. p. 57 (ah 1284/1867–8), Calcutta Imp. Lib. (see Nad̲h̲īr Aḥmad 65), i.o. 3898 (ad 1877).

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^ Back to text1. The author calls himself faqīr i sarāpā-taqṣīr mulaqqab Muṭlaq ʿAlī S̲h̲āh ʿurf Mīr Ḥusām al-Dīn Guwāliyārī.

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