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12.24 History of India: Aʿẓamgaṛh
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In Volume 1-1: Qurʾānic Literature, History, and Biography | Section 2, History, Biography, etc.

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§ 927. Gird’hārī, a clerk (muḥarrir) in the office of the Qānūn-gōyān, wrote in 1216/1801

Intiẓām i rāj i Aʿẓamgaṛh, a history of the Rājahs of Aʿẓamgaṛh from the time of Abhiman and Sāgar (in the time of Akbar and Jahāngīr) to the end of the rāj on the death of the Rājah M. Aʿẓam K̲h̲ān in 1771: Edinburgh 237 (ah 1289/1872).

§ 928. S. Amīr ʿAlī Riḍawī was alive in 1289/1872.

Sargud̲h̲as̲h̲t i rājahā i Aʿẓamgaṛh, a history of Aʿẓamgaṛh from the time of Abhiman Sing’h to the transfer of the district to the British in 1801 by Saʿādat-ʿAlī K̲h̲an of Oudh: Edinburgh 238 (ah 1289/1872, autograph).

Urdu translation by the author himself: Edinburgh 377.

§ 929. Of unknown authorship is

(Tārīk̲h̲ i Aʿẓamgaṛh), a history of Aʿẓamgaṛh from the time of Abhiman Rāy to 1887 (beginning: Ḥamd i gūnāgūn Parwardgārī rā sazad): i.o. 4038 (probably ad 1907).

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