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12.5 History of India: Appendix
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In Volume 1-1: Qurʾānic Literature, History, and Biography | Section 2, History, Biography, etc.

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§ 822.

Biographical notices of M. K̲h̲ān Bangas̲h̲ and his sons, on S. Saʿādat K̲h̲ān Burhān al-Mulk and his successors, on ʿAlī M. K̲h̲ān Rōhēlah, Najīb al-Daulah, Mīrzā Najaf K̲h̲ān, Jaʿfar K̲h̲ān Naṣīrī, afterwards Murs̲h̲id-Qulī K̲h̲ān, and his successors in Bengal, and some other amīrs, followed by an account of the Marāṭ’hās, Sik’hs, Jāṭs and the English, written circ. ah 1197/1783 by an unnamed author: Rieu ii 798b xi (foll. 120–5. ah 1197/1783).
Jang-nāmah i Dakan, a detailed diary of the operations in southern India under Colonel Camac, without author’s name or preface: Bodleian 282 (defective at end).
Poem on the wars between the British and the states of Central and Southern India at the beginning of the 19th century (beginning Ba-nām kih nām-as̲h̲ har nāmah [sic]): Vollers 991 (defective at end).
Riyāḍ al-mulūk, a collection of historical anecdotes relating mainly to India compiled by M. G̲h̲aut̲h̲ b. M. Fāʾiq for Tīmūr S̲h̲āh b. Aḥmad S̲h̲āh Abdālī and divided into a muqaddimah, two rauḍahs and a k̲h̲ātimah: Lahore Panjāb Univ. Lib. (ah 1249/1833. See Oriental College Magazine, vol. ii no. 4 (August 1926) p. 48).
Tuhfah i Akbarī, a history of the Niẓāms, of the Tīmūrids from Aḥmad S̲h̲āh to S̲h̲āh-ʿĀlam, and of the Panjāb from the rise of the Sik’hs, written apparently in 1219/1804–5 by K̲h̲wājah ʿAbd al-Ḥakīm: see p. 592 infra.
Work of unknown authorship and title divided into three bābs, of which the first two treat of the relations between the East India Co. and various Hindu rulers since the Faṣlī year 1182 (= ad 1775), while the third is devoted to the art of siege-warfare among the Indians of former days (sardārān i salaf): Berlin 521.

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