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13.12.1 Biography: Places: Ād̲h̲arbāyjān
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In Volume 1-2: Biography, Additions, and Corrections | Section 2, History, Biography, etc.

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§ 1493. M. ʿAlī K̲h̲ān “Tarbiyat” Tabrīzī, recently (ahs 1314/1935–6),2 a Deputy in the Majlis, was presumably the proprietor of the Tarbiyat Library, which “lasted from ah 1316 to 1326 (= ad 1898–1908)”, serving as a centre “of distribution and interchange for most of the Persian, Arabic, and Turkish papers published in Persia” and maintaining “epistolary and other relations with the chief educational centres”.3 Under the management of that Library appeared in 1320–1/1903–4 the fortnightly scientific magazine Ganjīnah i funūn,4 which published “Tarbiyat’s” work Hunar-āmūz.5 The date of the closure of the Library (1908) is doubtless the year in which “Tarbiyat” went into exile at Istānbūl,6 from which place he sent to E. G. Browne, apparently in 1912, the manuscript of his work Waraqī az daftar i tārīk̲h̲ i maṭbūʿāt i Īrānī u Fārisī, which the latter translated, enlarged, and published under the title The press and poetry of modern Persia (Cambridge 1914). ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz “Jawāhir al-Kalām” mentions him as the founder of two libraries, the Public Library (Kitāb-k̲h̲ānah i ʿUmūmī) at Tabrīz (about 7,000 volumes) and his own private library of about 5,000 volumes. A work of his entitled Zād u būm, a geography of Persia, is mentioned in The press and poetry of modern Persia, p. 163 no. 123.

Dānis̲h̲mandān i Ād̲h̲arbāyjān, a biographical dictionary of celebrities, mainly poets and scholars: Ṭihrān ahs 1314/1935–6. (For a review by Minorsky see bsos. ix/1 (1937) pp. 251–3).

[Browne The press and poetry of modern Persia, pp. ix, 1–2, 130, 163, etc.; ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz “Jawāhir al-Kalām” Kitāb-k̲h̲ānahā-yi Īrān [Ṭihrān], ahs 1311/1932–3, pp. 91–2; Ḥasan Isfandiyārī’s taqrīẓ prefixed to the Dānis̲h̲mandān i Ād̲h̲arbāyjān].

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^ Back to text1. References have been given to a number of works already described which may be regarded as dealing with the biography of particular localities. Such references could be multiplied, especially by the inclusion of works dealing with single saints.

^ Back to text2. See the first title-page of the Dānis̲h̲mandān i Ād̲h̲arbāyjān and Ḥasan Isfandiyārī’s taqrīẓ.

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