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13.12.27 Biography: Places: Jaunpūr
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In Volume 1-2: Biography, Additions, and Corrections | Section 2, History, Biography, etc.

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§ 1542. K̲h̲air al-Dīn M. Ilāhābādi, who died about 1827 (see no. 687 supra), has already been mentioned as the author of works entitled ʿIbrat-nāmah (see no. 805 supra), Jaunpūr-nāmah (see no. 919 supra), Guwāliyār-nāmah (see no. 997 supra) and Tuḥfah i tāzah (no. 923).

Tad̲h̲kirat al-ʿulamāʾ, completed on 25th September, 1801 (15 Jumādā i ah 1216), and containing biographies of 28 scholars connected with Jaunpūr together with that of the author, which forms the K̲h̲ātimah: Ivanow 203 (19th cent.), i.o. 4028 (transcribed in 1903 from the preceding ms.).

Edition with English translation: Tazkirat-ul-‘Ulama, or, A memoir of the learned men (of Jaunpur) by Mawlana Khairud-Din Muhammad of Jaunpur, edited … with English translation, notes, etc., by Muhammad Sana Ullah, Calcutta 1934‡.

§ 1543. Muns̲h̲ī M. Mahdī b. K̲h̲alīl Aḥmad was the head of an old family, which had held the zamīndārī of Mariahu (Maṛiyāhū, Mad̤iyāhū, or Mand̤iyāhū) near Jaunpūr and the hereditary office of Qāḍī since the time of Akbar. He was Taḥṣīldār at Mariahu during the Mutiny and protected the treasury and records. He was still living in 1888.

Tad̲h̲kirah i Mahdī or (mulaqqab bah) Baḥr al-marām,1 a metrical autobiography: Allahabad 1888°*.

[Jaunpūr District Gazetteer 1908, p. 104.]

§ 1544. S. Nūr al-Dīn “Zaidī” Ẓafarābādī Jaunpūrī indicates by a chronogram that 1881 was the year in which he composed the first part of his Tajallī i nūr.

Tajallī i nūr or (maʿruf bah) Tad̲h̲kirah i mas̲h̲āhīr i Jaunpūr, biographies of the famous men of Jaunpūr in three s̲h̲igarf-nāmahs ((1) saints and mystics, (2) scholars and poets, (3) amīrs).

Edition: Pt i, Jaunpūr 1889*, Pt. ii, Jaunpūr 1900°*. It seems possible that Part iii (amīrs) was never written.

See also Places (43) Z̤afarābād.

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^ Back to text1. This is what the author himself calls the work in the last line.

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