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13.5 Biography: Companions of the Prophet
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In Volume 1-2: Biography, Additions, and Corrections | Section 2, History, Biography, etc.

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See also Traditionists, nos. 1583–88 infra, and Biography: General, no. 1644 seqq. Infra.

§ 1441. ʿUbaid Allāh b. ʿAbd Allāh al-Ḥusainī known as (al-mas̲h̲hūr bi-) Murs̲h̲id b. Aṣīl was presumably the son of S. Aṣīl al-Dīn ʿAbd Allāh al-Ḥusainī (for whom see no. 229 supra). He tells us that he had long cherished the idea of waiting on the Ṣaḥābīs cited as authorities in the six collections, but that his intention could not be carried out until in S̲h̲aʿbān 884/1479 it won the approval of the Amīr Niẓām al-Daulah wa-’l-Dīn ʿAlī-S̲h̲īr (for whom see no. 1094 supra).

Tuḥfat al-faqīr al-ḥaqīr ilā ḥaḍrat al-Amīr al-Kabīr (beg. al-Ḥ. l. ’l. jaʿala rijāla), short notices1 of the Prophet’s contemporaries who are cited as authorities for traditions in the six canonical collections, in four bābs ((1) the ʿAs̲h̲arah i Mubas̲h̲s̲h̲arah, (2) persons best known by their asmāʾ, (3) persons best known by their kunyahs, (4) the Prophet’s wives and daughters: i.o. d.a. 157 fol. 31–58 (17th cent.), Rāmpūr (see Nad̲h̲īr Aḥmad 78).
Tuḥfah i Murs̲h̲idī (beg. al-Ḥ. l. ’l-Muwaffiqi ’l-Muʿīn), the same biographical notices arranged alphabetically: Rāmpūr (see Nad̲h̲īr Aḥmad 79).

§ 1442. Other works:

Aṣḥāb i kirām, popular biographies of the Prophet’s Companions, translated (from what language ?) by S. Riḍā ʿAlī-Zādah: Lahore 1344–5/1926–7* (2 vols).
Manāqib al-Aṣḥāb wa-’l-Tābiʿīn, by ʿAbd Allāh al-Naisābūrī. Anonymous Persian translation (beginning: Ḥ. u sipās u sitāyis̲h̲ lāʾiq): Cairo p. 504 (ah 1274/1760–1).

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^ Back to text1. The information given relates to the name, or names, of each Ṣaḥābī and, if necessary, the spelling of them, the collections in which his traditions occur, the total number of traditions related by him, the number occurring in each collection, and the date of his death.

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