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3.23 History of Persia: Sīstān
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In Volume 1-1: Qurʾānic Literature, History, and Biography | Section 2, History, Biography, etc.

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§ 484. The history of Sīstān mentioned below is of unknown authorship and title. It appears that the body of the work, or part of it, was written in the time of Ṭug̲h̲ril Bēg, whose name is followed by the benediction adāma ’llāhu mulkahu on p. 373, where an event of ah 445/1053–4 is related.

(Tārīk̲h̲ i Sīstān), a history of Sīstān to the middle of the 5th/11th century, with a summary continuation, mainly in the form of a list, not a narrative, of events, to ah 695/1295–6, followed by a dateless account of Rukn al-Dīn S̲h̲āh Maḥmūd: Ṭihrān (private library of Malik al-S̲h̲uʿarāʾ “Bahār”. Transcribed before ah 864/1459–60), Blochet iv 2281 (ah 1289/1872).1

Edition: Ṭihrān a.h.s. 1314/1935‡ (edited by “Bahār” from his ms.). The work was previously published, apparently from the ms. now in “Bahār’s” possession, as a feuilleton in nos. 474–564 (ah 1299–1302/1881–5) of the official Persian newspaper Īrān (for which see Browne The press and poetry of modern Persia, Cambridge 1914, pp. 49–51).

§ 485. S̲h̲āh Ḥusain b. Malik G̲h̲iyāt̲h̲ al-Dīn Maḥmūd2 b. S̲h̲āh Maḥmūd b. S̲h̲āh Abū Saʿīd, a member of the Ṣaffārid family, the princely line of Sīstān, was left fatherless in early life. When the Turkistānīs invaded K̲h̲urāsān he fled to the mountains and ultimately to Qandahār, but when S̲h̲āh ʿAbbās drove the enemy out of Harāt and K̲h̲urāsān he returned home and paid homage to S̲h̲āh ʿAbbās, whom he accompanied on the K̲h̲urāsān campaign in 1008/1599–1600 and on other expeditions. In 1019/1610 he returned from a journey to the Ḥijāz. In 1027/1618 he was presented to S̲h̲āh ʿAbbās at Qazwīn and in S̲h̲awwāl 1028/Sept. 1619 he was in that king’s suite at Iṣfahān. His tad̲h̲kirah of Persian poets, the K̲h̲air al-bayān, is preserved in the British Museum (Rieu Suppt. 108, 109).

Iḥyāʾ al-mulūk, a history of Sīstān from the earliest times to ah 1028/1619, the date of completion: Rieu Suppt. 97 (17th cent.).

[K̲h̲air al-bayān, preface (see Rieu Suppt. 108), Iḥyāʾ al-mulūk, K̲h̲ātimah.]

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^ Back to text1. In jras. 1926, p. 215, Sir Denison Ross mentions a ms. in the possession of ʿAbbās Iqbāl at Ṭihrān [identical with “Bahār’s” ms. ?] and a transcript made from it for M. K̲h̲ān Qazwīnī of Paris (“ms. moderne en ma possession”, as M. K̲h̲ān Qazwīnī says in jras. 1926, p. 224).

^ Back to text2. So in Rieu Suppt. 108 but G̲h̲iyāt̲h̲ al-Dīn Muḥammad in Rieu Suppt. 97.

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