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3.6 History of Persia: The Muẓaffarids
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In Volume 1-1: Qurʾānic Literature, History, and Biography | Section 2, History, Biography, etc.

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§ 351. Muʿīn [al-Dīn] Yazdī, called Muʿallim i Yazdī, was a pupil of ʿAḍud al-Dīn al-Ījī (for whom see Brockelmann ii 208, Ency. Isl. under Id̲j̲ī) and was a scholar of renown whose lectures were sometimes attended by S̲h̲āh S̲h̲ujāʿ himself. In 755/1354 he was appointed professor in a college at Kirmān. In 757/1356 at Iṣfahān he read a chapter of his projected history to Sulṭān Mubāriz al-Dīn and his son S̲h̲āh S̲h̲ujāʿ, who encouraged him to complete the work. He died in 789/1387.

Mawāhib i Ilāhī, called also Tārīk̲h̲ i Muẓaffarī or Tārīk̲h̲ i Āl i Muẓaffar or Tārīk̲h̲ i Muʿīnī i Muẓaffarī, a bombastic history of the Muẓaffarid dynasty from its origin to 767/1365: Ḥ.K̲h̲. ii no. 2161, vi no. 13365, Browne Suppt. 1277 (ah 778/1377. Fitzwilliam Museum), Browne Coll. H. 3 (9) = Houtum-Schindler 15 (ah 779/1377–8), H. 4 (10) = Houtum-Schindler 16 (n.d.), Fātiḥ 4227 = Tauer 388 (ah 808/1406), 4226 = Tauer 389 (ah 893/1488), Blochet i 453 (ah 888/1483), 454 (19th cent.), Āyā Ṣūfiyah 3087 = Tauer 390 (ah 900/1494), 3088 = Tauer 391 (ah 913/1507), Bodleian 286 (ah 900/1495), Rieu i 168a (15th cent.), 169b (ah 1042/1633), Suppt. 50 (19th cent.), Nūr i ʿUt̲h̲mānīyah 3167 = Tauer 392 (ah 915/1509), Salīm Ag̲h̲ā 771 = Tauer 393 (10th/16th cent.), Asʿad 2082 = Tauer 394 (defective. 17th cent.).

[Autobiographical statements in the Mawāhib i Ilāhī (see Rieu i 168 and Blochet i 453); Jāmiʿ i Mufīdī (Rieu i 207b), fol. 252; Browne Lit. Hist. iii 359.]

§ 352. In 823/1420 Maḥmūd Kutubī,1 who like several of his ancestors had been in the service of the Muẓaffarids and who regarded Muʿīn al-Dīn Yazdī’s history as unduly turgid, thought it advisable, when transcribing Ḥamd Allāh’s Tārīk̲h̲ i Guzīdah (see p. 62 supra), to insert (between Books iv and v) a plain but full account of the Muẓaffarid dynasty from its origin in 718/1318 to its overthrow by Tīmūr in 795/1393.

This insertion is found in some manuscripts of the Tārīk̲h̲ i Guzīdah, e.g. Rieu i 82a.

Facsimile: The Ta’ríkh-i-Guzída … (Gibb Mem. Ser. 1910, 1913) i pp. 613–755.

Abridged translation: ibid. ii pp. 151–207.

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