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3.8 History of Persia: The Qarā-Quyūnlū
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In Volume 1-1: Qurʾānic Literature, History, and Biography | Section 2, History, Biography, etc.

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§ 369. Maḥmūd b. ʿAbd Allāh Nīs̲h̲āpūrī is probably to be identified with the author of the Maʾat̲h̲ir i Quṭb-S̲h̲āhī i Maḥmūdī (Ethé 463), who mentions ah 1033/1624 and ah 1038/1629 as the current year in different parts of that work and who tells us that he entered the service of Sulṭān Muḥammad-Qulī Quṭb-S̲h̲āh in 995/1587 and that he had visited Mecca as a pilgrim and made a long journey through Persia.

Tārīk̲h̲ i Turkumānīyah,1 a flowery and almost dateless history of the Qarā-Quyūnlū dynasty, giving a detailed account of Qarā Muḥammad (d. 792/1390), the founder, but not of his last years, and of his son Qarā Yūsuf (d. 823/1420), but not of Sikandar (d. 841/1437) nor of Jahān-S̲h̲āh (d. 872/1467) followed by a history of Tilingāna, especially of the reign of Sulṭān-Qulī Quṭb al-Mulk, the founder of the Quṭb-S̲h̲āhī dynasty, who was the great-grandson of Qarā Yūsuf: Ethé 573 (transcribed in 1815 from a ms. belonging to Capt. Roebuck).

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^ Back to text1. It seems not improbable that this work is a part of the Maʾāt̲h̲ir i Quṭb-S̲h̲āhī i Maḥmūdī.

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