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9.11 Occult Arts: ʿIlm i s̲h̲ānah
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In Volume 2: Mathematics; Weights, and Measures; Astronomy, and Astrology; Geography; Medicine; Encyclopaedias, and Miscellanies; Arts and Crafts, Science, Occult Arts

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§ 865. Works of unknown date:

Maʿrifat i s̲h̲ānah i gūsfand: Brelvi-Dhabhar p. 78 no. 9 (5) (ah 1071/1660–1), p. 79 no. 9 (10).
Qāʿidah i s̲h̲ināk̲h̲tan i s̲h̲ānah (beg…. a. b. Bi-dān-kih jamīʿ [sic lege] ḥukamā guftah and kih s̲h̲ināk̲h̲tan i s̲h̲ānah i gūsfand ʿilmī-st az ʿilm i nujūm afzān-tar [sic]) Browne Pers. Cat. 186 (1).
(Risālah dar aḥkām i s̲h̲ānah i gūsfand), various works on the art of predicting the future by burning the shoulder-blades of sheep and observing the effects caused by the heat:2 Blochet ii 882 (3) (two small works of which the second, beginning Az bahr i nīk u bad ṣāḥīb i gūsfand u ahl i bait u hamsāyah-hā, is ascribed to Naṣīr al-Dīn Ṭūsī. Early 18th cent. (?)), Krafft 367 (1 fol. only), Mashhad iii, fṣl. 17, mss., no. 73 (beg., without preface, Ḥukm kardan bar s̲h̲ānah i gūsfand wa-ghairah).
Risālah dar ʿilm u maʿrifat i s̲h̲ānah (beg. Bi-dān-kih ḥukamā guftah and kih s̲h̲ināk̲h̲tan i s̲h̲ānah i gūsfand bā ʿilm i nujūm barābar ast): Bodleian 1545 (1).

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^ Back to text1. [Divination by burning the shoulder blades of sheep, see no. 3, below.] A.W.

^ Back to text2. Cf. Histoire des Mongols ed. Blochet p. 268.

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