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De amphitheatris quae extra Romam libellus. Leiden, 1584
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IVSTI LIPSI ‖ DE ‖ AMPHITHEATRIS ‖ QVÆ ‖ EXTRA ROMAM ‖ LIBELLVS. ‖ In quo Formæ eorum aliquot & typi. ‖ ⊕ 45 ‖ LVGDVNI BATAVORVM, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini. ‖ CIƆ. IƆ. LXXXIV.


4º [168]: a-d⁴, e⁲; pages 1-32, [33-36]


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[1]: Title
[2]: Blank
3-6: Iustus Lipsius Abrahamo Ortelio suo S.D. (italic type)
7-[33]: Text (parts in italic type and greek type, marginals in roman type and italic type)
[34]: Ad lectorem (italic type)
[35]: Privilege (Fontainebleau, 5 August 1582, signed by De Neufville)
[36]: Blank

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Engravings: 5 engravings with views of amphitheatres outside Rome: 1) Verona (160 × 282; inscription [above]: AMPHITH. VERONENSE; hors-texte)
2) Pola (ground-plan: 158 × 119; inscription: 'AMPH. POLAN'; full-page illustration on page 19)
3) Nîmes (view of the exterior: 170 × 122; inscription [above, to the right]: 'AMPH. NEMAVS'; full-page illustration on page 21)
4 and 5) Doué in Poitou (115 × 165, and 125 × 181; both with the inscription [above]: 'AMPHIT. DOVEON'; full-page illustrations on pages 32 and 33). On the designer and engraver: cf. preceding no


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Note 1

Cf. preceding no.

Note 2

This volume treats more particularly, as specified in the title, the amphitheatres outside Rome.

Note 3

In the dedicatory the author thanks A. Ortelius for lending a number of books, which permitted him to finish quickly his study. The Architectura of S. Serlio is quoted as having been very useful.

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