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De cantico Salve Regina septem meditationes, 1587
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DE CANTICO ‖ SALVE REGINA ‖ Septem ‖ MEDITATIONES: ‖ Authore ‖ R.P. FRANCISCO COSTERO, ‖ Doctore Theologo Societatis IESV. ‖ V. ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ Architypographi Regij. 1587.


16mo [93]: A-G⁸; pages 1-108, [109-112]


Number of sheets


[1]: Title
[2]: illustration
3-19: Praefatio…ad Sodalitatem B. Virginis Antverpiensem (s. Franciscus Costerus; marginals in italic type)
20: Ad Virginem Dei Matrem (italic type)
21-108: Text (parts in italic type, marginals in italic type and roman type capitals)
[109]: approbation (Antwerp, 25 April 1587, signed by Silvester Pardo)
[110-111]: Privilege (Brussels, 19 April 1587, s. I. de Witte; Fontainebleau, 5 August 1582, s. De Neufville)
[112]: Blank. See also in Notes

Edition information


1) V. on title-page: woodcut, 52 × 52, representing the emblem of the Jesuits (IHS), surrounded by four angels
2) Engraving, 92 × 63, on page [2]: representing the Holy Virgin with the Child in a niche. Probably designed and executed by Pieter van der Borcht. See also in Notes


Museum Plantin-Moretus
- A 1129

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Bibliographical references

Reulens-de Backer, page 298 (1587, no. 12)
Backer-Sommervogel [S.J.], 2, column 1518
Bib. catholica Neerlandica impressa, no. 3930
Bib. Belgica (1964–1970 éd.), I, pages 883-884.

Online bibliographical references

Note 1

Seven meditations on the canticle Salve Regina. First edition.

Note 2

In the foreword Costerus, following Trithemius, attributes the canticle to Herman Contractus, Count of Wehringen, monk at St. Gall, c. 1040 (cf. BB for more details and extracts from the foreword on this matter).

Note 3

At the end of the same foreword Costerus tells also how on 7 April 1587 in the niche in the façade of the Antwerp town hall the statue of the 'colossus' (= Brabo with the hand of Antigoon) was replaced by a sculpture of the Blessed Virgin with Child, commissioned by the Antwerp Sodalitas of the Blessed Virgin (at the initiative of Costerus). The illustration on page [2], with the typographically printed inscription 'B. Mariae Virgini Dei Matri. ‖ S.P.Q. Antuerp. Patronae', is in fact a representation of this statue in its niche.

Note 4

Mijnken Liefrinck, an Antwerp intaglio-printer, was paid in 1587 12florins Carolus guilders 15 stuivers for printing 2,540 copies of 'une figure de no[str]e dame' in 'De Cantico Salve Regina', at 10 stuivers per hundred (Arch. 20, folio 288). This suggests that of the edition 2,500 copies were printed.

Note 5

The work is presented as a separate edition, but was in fact sold together with De vita et laudibus Deiparae Mariae Virginis meditationes quinquaginta (see no. cp012318).

Note 6

Details about the publication in some of Plantin's letters to Costerus: on 24-28 May 1587 he tells the theologian that he will print the Meditationes as soon as he receives the privilege, affirming also that he will take care of the illustration, and discussing its eventual place in the book (Corr., VIII-IX, no. 1257: 'Primum libentissime imprimam Meditationes tuas in Canticum ecclesiae Salve Regina ubi exemplar approbatum recepero. Interea curabo imaginem abs te indicatam depingi et in aere scalpi, imprimendam in pagina quam ad hoc peculiariter destinabo ante ipsam libri inscriptionem nempe e regione ipsius non vero sub eadem inscriptione, eo quod nimis pusila foret cum ea erecta pingi debeat ipsaque inscriptio majorem paginae partem occupare debeat aut si majus illa posset in 2. pagina rejici quod non tam facile in oculos caderet'). The mailing of a 'specimen' 'supra Salve Regina' was promised on 19 June 1587 (Ibidem, no. 1268), and of some quires on 3 July 1587 (Ibidem, no. 1276). The shipment of seven copies 'de Cantico', together with 100 copies of the Meditationes de Vita B. Mariae, to Costerus's college was announced on 16 July 1587. In this same letter Plantin stresses the fact that both editions, the Meditationes de Vita B. Mariae and the Meditationes de Cantico Salve Regina are to be sold together (Ibidem, no. 1282; see no. 1051).

Note 7

In Plantin's correspondence with Costeras in those years the problem is also discussed of an illustrated re-edition, and of a French and Dutch translation (Ibidem, nos. 1355, 1362, 1368, 1404, 1406). No Latin re-edition, illustrated or not, seems to have left the Plantin Press. The Dutch translation was published in 1590 (De Backer-Sommervogel, 2, Column 1518; not in BB). The French translation was also printed in 1590 but as part of the Cinquante Meditations de la Vie et Louanges de la Vierge Marie Mere de Dieu. Avec sept Meditations sur le Cantique Salve Regina (BB, I, page 879).

Note 8

De Backer-Sommervogel, 2, Column 1518, notes, without giving details, an edition of 1588, in 12mo (also quoted, after De Backer-Sommervogel, by BCN, no. 3972) and - with a question-mark - an edition of 1589, in 12mo. RDB, page 319 (1589, no. 11), notes for 1589 an edition in 16mo. They must have confounded with the publication of 1587.

Note 9

Listed in M 321 (see the reference in no. cp012318).

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