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De la vérité de la religion chrestienne, 1581
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Museum Plantin-Moretus


Philippe de MORNAY

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DE LA VERITE' ‖ DE LA RELIGION ‖ CHRESTIENNE: ‖ Contre les Athées, Epicuriens, Payens, Juifs, ‖ Mahumedistes, & autres Infideles: ‖ Par PHILIPPES DE MORNAY, ‖ Sieur du Plessis Marly. ‖ ⊕ 33 ‖ A ANVERS, ‖ De l'Imprimerie de Christofle Plantin, ‖ M.D.LXXXI.


4⁰ [167]: *⁸, †⁸, A-Z⁸, a-z⁸, Aa-Gg⁸, Hh⁴; pages [1-32], 1-853, [854-856] (Errors: 253 for 252, 514 for 542, 526 for 544, 541 for 563, 588 for 604, 627 for 665, 710 for 780, 774 for 784)


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[1]: Title
[2]: L'imprimeur au lecteur (italic type)
[3-14]:A treshaut et trespuissant Henry roy de Navarre…(s. Du Plessis; parts in italic type, marginals in roman type)
[15-16]: Table
[17-31]: Preface (italic type, parts and marginals in roman type)
[32]: Privilege (Antwerp, 8 May 1581, signed by I. Van Asseliers)
1-853: Text (parts in italic type, greek type and Hebrew, marginals in roman type, italic type and greek type)
[854]: Privilege (Vienna, s. Haller)
[855-856]: Blank

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Museum Plantin-Moretus
- A 324

KBR Royal Library of Belgium

British Library London

Bibliographical references

Reulens-de Backer, pages 230-231 (1581, no. 35)

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Note 1

'About the truth of the Christian religion': long treatise trying to affirm the 'truth' of the Christian religion against other religions and against non-believers.

Note 2

De Mornay was at that time in the Netherlands and in Antwerp, as a representative of the King of Navarra accompanying Francis, Duke of Anjou and Alençon. Through personal contact he might have persuaded Plantin to publish his work.

Note 3

The edition was printed before September 1581, as in a letter to Pierre Porret of the 18th of that month Plantin notes that he had already shipped to the Parisian bookseller Sonnius 'deux de la Vérité de la religion' (Corr., VI, no. 948).

Note 4

The book contained nothing that could offend the Catholics, but was nevertheless daring enough that Plantin in a letter to the Protestant Scotch scholar, Georges Buchanan, 7 October 1581 (Ibidem, no. 953), could state: 'Car la franchise est ores en ces païs icy propre a ne rien obmectre des matieres que durant le regne Espagnol on n'eust jamais souffert: ainsi que pouvés bien le scavoir et juger par ce livre De la vérité de la religion Chrestienne que je vous prie recevoir en gré…'. In the draft of a not completed letter, end January 1582 (Corr., VII, no. 980) to a 'Monsigneur', supposed by the editors of the Correspondance to be de Çayas, but very likely not the secretary of Philip II but a personality sympathetic to the views held by the Barrefeltists, Plantin dwells in length on how he sees religion, concluding with a rather obscure phrase: 'Ce qui a faict que je n'ay requis Monsr. du Plessis de ne rien communiquer des escrittures que luy avés envoyees ne d'autres aussi ne mesmes gueres leu de son livre avant que l'imprimer in 4to, duquel ayant achevé l'impression in 8⁰ je ne faudray de vous en envoyer et me…[unfinished]'.

Note 5

Listed in M 296, folio 5r (De la vérité de la Relig. xre du Plessis, 4⁰, f[euilles] 111, [price:] stuivers 30) and folio 20r (Vérité de la Religion xriene, 4⁰, 1581…), M 164, folio 10r, and M 321.

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