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De landtwinninge ende hoeve, 1566
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Museum Plantin-Moretus



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De Landtvvin- ‖ ninge ende Hoeue van ‖ M. Kaerle Steuens, Doctoor ‖ in de Medecijne. ‖ VVt de Fransoysche sprake in de Neder- ‖ duytsche ouergheset. ‖ VVat in desen Boeck begrepen is, suldy ‖ inde navolgende Pagie vinden. ‖ ⊕ 17 ‖ T'ANTVVERPEN, ‖ Ghedruct by Christoffel Plantyn. ‖ M.D.LXVI. ‖ MET PRIVILEGIE.


8⁰ [128]: A-Z⁸, a-c⁸; pages [1-6], 7-415, [416] (Errors: 399 for 398, 398 for 399)


Number of sheets


[1]: Title
[2]: Inhout des boecs; Privilege (Brussels, Privy Council, 7 April [1565], signed by Mesdach, and Council of Brabant, 18 April 1565, s. de Perre)
[3-4]: Aen den E.H. Anthonis van Straelen, heere tot Mercsem, etc., ridder (Antwerp, 20 May 1566, s. Christoffel Plantyn)
[5-6]: Tot den goetwilligen leser (lines in italic type)
7-415: Text (gothic type, parts in roman type)
415: approbation (13 May 1565, s. I. Schellinck, Brussels)
[416]: Blank

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Museum Plantin-Moretus
- A 429

University Library Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

KBR Royal Library of Belgium

Ghent University Library

Bibliographical references

Reulens-de Backer, page 46 (1566, no. 46)
Bib. Belgica (1964–1970 éd.), II, pages 1052-1055.

Online bibliographical references

Note 1

Estienne's treatise on husbandry, translated from French into Dutch. Analysis of the content in BB, II, pages 1052-1054.

Note 2

In the dedicatory to Antoon van Stralen, Plantin explains that having issued the year before a French edition, he was asked by many people to publish a Dutch version. At first reluctant, he finally ceded to the pressures, and had the text translated at his own 'great cost and labour'. The name of the translator is nowhere given in the edition, but the Plantinian archives show that Martin Everaert took the job, and was paid 12 florins Carolus guilders

Note 3

The cost-accounting note in Arch. 4, folio 106, gives the following details about 'Landtwinninghe in 8⁰': the wages for composing and printing are entered in June 1566 and amount to 42 florins Carolus guilders 12 stuivers: 'Pour la traduction dud. de franch[ois] en flameng à M. Martin [Everaert], 12 florins Carolus guilders'. As each copy contains 26 quires and as 1,600 copies were printed, 84 reams and 10 'mains' of paper 'grosbon' were used, which, at 1 florins Carolus guilders per ream, came to 84 florins Carolus guilders 10 stuivers, bringing the overall costs to 139 florins Carolus guilders stuivers: 'qui est la pièce environ 1¾ stuivers la pièce'.

Note 4

Listed in M 296, folio 11r (Lantwinninghe van M. Carel Stevens, duysh [= Dutch], 8⁰, f[euilles] 26, [price:] stuivers 3½).

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