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De luis venereae curatione…liber, [edited by Victor Giselinus], 1579
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IOANNES ‖ FERNELII ‖ AMBIANI ‖ De luis Venereæ curatione ‖ perfectissima ‖ LIBER, ‖ Numquam antehac editus. ‖ ⊕ 29 ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ Architypographi Regij. ‖ M.D.LXXIX.


8⁰ [123]: A-I⁸; pages 1-126, [127-144]


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[1]: Title
[2]: Blank
3-6: Victor Giselinus Iano Douzae a Noortwijck S.D. (Bruges, 1579; italic type, Greek words)
7-12: Idem lectori (italic type, parts in greek type)
13-126: Text (parts in italic type)
[127]: Table (italic type)
[128]: Blank
[129]: Errata
[130]: Blank
[131-142]: De hydrargyri usu aliorum item doctorum virorum sententiae (in form of a letter: Victor Giselinus Martino Everarto S.D. [Bruges, 23 July 1579; italic type, parts in roman type, Greek words])
[143-144]: Blank

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Heritage Library Hendrik Conscience Antwerp
- J 5951. 5852

KBR Royal Library of Belgium

British Library London

Bibliographical references

Reulens-de Backer, page 203 (1579, no. 22)
L. Elaut, 'Victor Giselinus, Zuid-Nederlandsch humanist, uitgever van Jean Fernel's tractaat over de Lues venerea (1579)' in Wetenschappelijke Tijdingen, 10, 1933, columns 389-394.

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Note 1

Contains the study of Fernelius on syphilis, edited by the humanist and physician Victor Giselinus (pages 13-126), to which is added a treatise of Victor Giselinus on the medical use of mercury (pages [131-142]). First edition of both studies.

Note 2

Giselinus gives interesting details about the genesis of the publication in the foreword to the reader. The existence was known of a treatise of Fernelius in 7 'books' (chapters) about the treatment of particular diseases ('De particularibus morbis curandis'), but the text remained unknown. Some seven years ago - i.e. c. 1571-72 - Giselinus had the happy surprise to find at Paris in the house of Christopher Plantin the manuscript of another unknown work by Fernelius, the 'Libellus de curandis febribus', containing moreover the 'prolegomena' of the treatise 'de omnium particularium morborum curatione'. Giselinus is not very clear about what happened next: the manuscript was given (but it is not specified by whom) to a friend of Giselinus, a 'poeta' (humanist) and physician, to be purged from the many errors made by the careless scribe. Giselinus helped this unnamed friend in the tedious and time-consuming task…and was rather surprised to see the text published a year or so ago by Wechel from this manuscript (as he clearly implies, he especially resented the fact that his own name was not mentioned by the man responsible for editing the publication). This edition can be identified with Fernelius's Febrium curandarum methodus generalis, published by Wechel, at Frankfurt, in 1577, and edited by the Paris physician Jean Lamy - who, consequently, must be Giselinus's not too ethical friend. Giselinus continues: that unnamed friend had also received the manuscript of another as yet unknown treatise of Fernelius, the Liber de lue venerea, but the text was too corrupt to be corrected. But it happened that returning to his native country Giselinus was forwarded by the Bruges physician Franciscus Rapardus a far more trustworthy manuscript of this particular treatise - the one which was now published by Plantin.

Note 3

Listed in M 296, folio 6v (Fernelius de lue venerea, 8⁰, 1579, f[euilles] 8½, [price:] stuivers 2), and M 164, folio 13v. The publication contains in fact 9 quires (8 for the Fernelius treatise, one for Giselinus's study).

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