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De miraculis occultis naturae libri IIII; item de vita cum animi et corporis incolumitate recte instituenda liber unus, [printed by J. Maes], 1574
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Museum Plantin-Moretus




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DE ‖ MIRACVLIS ‖ OCCVLTIS ‖ NATVRÆ, ‖ LIBRI IIII. ‖ Item ‖ DE VITA CVM ANIMI ET ‖ CORPORIS INCOLVMITATE ‖ RECTE INSTITVENDA, ‖ LIBER VNVS. ‖ Illi quidem iam postremùm emendati, & aliquot ‖ capitibus aucti: hic verò nunquam antehac editus. ‖ AVCTORE ‖ LEVINO LEMNIO Medico Zirizæo. ‖ ⊕ 18 ‖ ANTVERPIAE, ‖ Apud Christophorum Plantinum ‖ Architypographum Regium. ‖ M.D.LXXIIII.


8º [131]: †⁸, A-Z⁸, a-p⁸, q⁴; pages [1-16], 1-566 (= for 582), [583-616] (Errors: 832 for 283, 561-566 for 577-582)


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[1]: Title
[2]: Privilege (Brussels, 30 November 1573, signed by I. de Perre)
[3-5]: Christophorus Plantinus Abrahamo Ortelio, geographo regio, amico carissimo (Antwerp, 1 January 1574)
[6-7]: Paschasii Oenii Heicrucini in operis commendationem, carmen (italic type)
[8-10]: Illustrissimo potentissimoque Suecorum, Gothorum, Vandalorumque regi, ac Livoniae domino, Erico eius nominis decimo-quarto, Levinus Lemnius medicus, S.D.P. (Zierikzee, 31 December 1564; italic type)
[11-16]: Ad candidum lectorem praefatio L. Lemnii medici (parts in italic type and gothic type, marginals in roman type)
1-566 (= for 582): Text (italic type, parts in roman type, words in civilité type, marginals in roman type and civilité type)
[583-588]: Table (on two columns, italic type)
[589-611]: Index (on two columns; italic type)
[612]: approbation (Brussels, 27 November 1573, s. I. Schellinck); Privilege (Brussels, 26 May 1564, s.I.Fabri)
[613-614]: Privilege (Vienna, 21 February 1565, s. Haller)
[616]: Blank

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Museum Plantin-Moretus
- A 1786


Ghent University Library

Bibliographical references

Reulens-de Backer, page 153 (1574, no. 38)

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Note 1

Reprint with some additions of the De miraculis occultis naturae libri IIII of 1567 (pages 1-470; including also the introductory parts: the Carmen of Paschasius Oenius, the dedicatory to Eric XIV, King of Sweden, and the Ad candidum lectorem praefatio; but without the woodcut-portrait of the author), and with the addition of Paraenesis sive exhortatio ad vitam optime instituendam, summis pariter atque infimis salubris cum primis et frugifera, sive corporis, sive animi incolumitati prospectum cupiant (pages 471-566 [= for 582]).

Note 2

In the introductory letter to Abraham Ortelius, 1 January 1574, Plantin explains how in 1567 he had published the Occulta naturae miracula 'nomine et gratia Guilelmi Simonis; cui auctor ipse primum opus suum dederat, et Regia Maiestas privilegium imprimendi concesserat'. Some months later, shortly before his death (1 July 1568), the author forwarded to Simon an amended version, with the additional part 'De vita cum animi et corporis incolumitate, recte instituenda', in the presence of Plantin, and on the condition that Simon would take Plantin as associate ('socius') and printer. Simon, however, preferred to cede his rights to Plantin on certain (unspecified) conditions. Plantin could not immediately put the work on his presses, but now, spurred on by people who liked the subject, he has it issued.

Note 3

According to the colophon the printing was finished on 1 March 1574.

Note 4

The work was in fact printed for Plantin by Jean Maes at Louvain. In Arch. 31, folio 80, is mentioned: 'Jehan Maes escrit du 2 May 1574 comme s'ensuit qu'il avoit imprimé pour moy outre nostre dernier compte…Laevini de miraculis rerum naturalium contenant 38½ folia faisants à 2 florins Carolus guilders: 77 florins Carolus guilders'. This is indeed duly noted in the letter of 2 May 1574 from Maes to Plantin (Corr., IV, no. 527, page 85), and is repeated in his letter of 12 August 1574 (Corr., IV, no. 547, page 121).

Note 5

Listed in M 296, folio 10r ([Levinus Lemnius de mirac. naturȩ in 8º] Idem auctior aº 1574, f[euilles] 39½, [price:] stuivers 8 [= this entry twice repeated]).

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