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De natura hominis liber unus, [edited by et translated by Nicasius Ellebodius], 1565
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Museum Plantin-Moretus



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greek:ΝΕΜΕΣΙΟΥgreek:ΕΠΙΣΚΟΠΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΦΙΛΟΣΟ-greek:ΦΟΥ ΠΕΡΙ ΦΥΣΕΩΣgreek:ΑΝΘΡΩΙΙΟΥ, ‖ greek:ΒΙΒΛΙΟΝ ΕΝ. ‖ NEMESII EPISCOPI ET PHILOSOPHI ‖ DE NATVRA HOMINIS, LIB. ‖ VNVS, ‖ Nunc primùm & in lucem editus, & Latinè ‖ conuersus à Nicasio Ellebodio Casletano. ‖ ⊕ 13 ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ M.D.LXV.


8⁰ [124]: A-M⁸, A-I⁸; pages 1-181, [182-192], 1-142, [143-144]


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[1]: Title
[2]: Blank
[3-8]: Nicasius Ellebodius to Cardinal Antonius Perrenotus Granvelle (greek type)
[9]-181: Text (greek type)
181: Errata (greek type and roman type)
[182]: C. Plantinus lectori S
[183]: Gregorius Nazianzenus Nemesio (greek type)
[184-185]: Gregorius Nazianzenus Nemesio S.D. (italic type)
[186-187]: Table (greek type)
[188-190]: Nicasius Ellebodius lectori S
[191-192]: Table
1-142: Text (Latin translation; italic type)
[143-144]: Blank

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Museum Plantin-Moretus
- A 398

Heritage Library Hendrik Conscience Antwerp

KBR Royal Library of Belgium


Ghent University Library

British Library London

Utrecht University Library

Bibliographical references

Reulens-de Backer, pages 50-51 (1565, no. 22)

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Note 1

Treatise trying to construct on a mainly Platonic basis a doctrine of the soul in harmony with the Christian revelation: Greek text edited and Latin translation by Nicasius Ellebodius (Ellebaudt). Editio princeps of the Greek text.

Note 2

In the note to the reader, on page [190], the editor affirms to have followed two old manuscripts (‘…duorum vetustorum codicum…), which must have been rather inferior as he boasts to have them ‘expurged’ in 600 places.

Note 3

According to the colophon the printing was finished on 13 December 1564, but this refers only to the Latin translation which has been printed first, as can be deduced from the cost-accounting note in Arch. 4.

Note 4

The cost-accounting note in Arch. 4, folio 72, gives the following details about ‘Nemesis Latine per Nicasium’: the wages for composing and printing quires A-I (= Latin translation) are entered from 4 November until 2 December 1564 and amount to 13 florins Carolus guilders 14 stuivers; the composing and printing of the Greek text (quires A-M) started on 3 February 1565 and was ended on 1 April 1565; these wages (including ‘un pot de vin au composit[eur]’) amount to 26 florins Carolus guilders 18 stuivers, bringing the total costs for composing and printing to 40 florins Carolus guilders 12 stuivers Each copy contains 21 sheets. The number of copies printed is not given, but as 55 reams 6 ‘mains’ of paper were used, taking into consideration the ‘imperfections’, Some 1,250 copies must have been issued. As each ream of ‘papier carillon’ had to be paid 18 stuivers, the expenses for the paper amount to 49 florins Carolus guilders 18½ stuivers, bringing the overall costs to 90 florins Carolus guilders 10½ stuivers

Note 5

Listed in M 296, folio 12v (Nemesius de nat[ur]a hom[inis] g[re] colat[ine] in 8⁰, f[euilles] 21, [price:] stuivers 4).

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