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De neglecta stirpium cultura atque earum cognitione libellus, [translated by Carolus Clusius], 1589
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PETRI BELLONII ‖ CENOMANI ‖ MEDICI ‖ De neglecta Stirpium Cultura, ‖ atque earum cognitione ‖ Libellus: ‖ Edocens qua ratione Siluestres arbores cicu- ‖ rari & mitescere queant. ‖ CAROLVS CLVSIVS ATREBAS ‖ è Gallico Latinum faciebat. ‖ ⊕ 29 ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ Architypographi Regij. ‖ M.D.LXXXIX.


8⁰ [134]: A-E⁸, F⁴; pages 1-78 (= for 87), [88] (Errors: 78 for 87)


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[1]: Title
[2]: Blank
3-4: Petrus Bellonius lectori
5-78 (= for 87): Text (italic type; parts and marginals in roman type)
[88]: Blank

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Museum Plantin-Moretus
- A 1807
- A 606

KBR Royal Library of Belgium


Ghent University Library

British Library London

Biblioteca Nacional de España

Bibliographical references

Reulens-de Backer, page 322 (1589, no. 25)
Bib. Belgica (1964–1970 éd.), I, page 222
Delaunay, page 167

Online bibliographical references

Note 1

Latin translation by Clusius of Belon's Les remonstrances sur le default du labour et culture des plantes, et de la connoissance d'icelles, contenant la maniere d'affranchir et apprivoiser les arbres sauvages, Paris, Cavellat (also copies with the address of Gilles Corrozet), 1558, in 8⁰.

Note 2

In this interesting treatise Belon lists a large number of exotic trees useful to be introduced into France, inviting moreover the College of Medicine of Paris to constitute a garden for the acclimatization of exotic plants.

Note 3

The work was issued without privilege or approbatio: a quite extraordinary procedure at that time (cf. the remarks in the Notes of the following no.).

Note 4

This Latin translation was reprinted in Clusius, Exoticorum libri decem, Leiden, Officina Plantiniana apud Raphelengium, 1605.

Note 5

Listed in M 296, folio 2r ([Bellonii Petri] De cultura stirpium, 8⁰, f[euilles] 5½, [price:] stuivers 2), and Ms. 321.

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