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[Decreta], [1571]
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FRANCISCVS ‖ SONNIVS DEI ET APO- ‖ stolicæ sedis gratia Episcopus Antvver- ‖ piensis, Omnibus membris Cleri sui ‖ maioribus & minoribus Salutem in ‖ Domino sempiternam. Cùm statuto- ‖ rum multitudo subinde inducat magis ‖ confusionem, quàm aptam gubernatio- ‖ nem, consultum putauimus, vestris hu ‖ meris nihil aliud pro hac vice impone- ‖ re, quàm quod in sacris Canonibus & ‖ venerabilibus Conciliis œcumenico ‖ Tridentino, & Prouinciali Mechli- ‖ niensi decretum est, omnibúsque præ- ‖ scriptum: his paucissimis, quæ subse- ‖ quuntur, tantùm adiectis.


8⁰ (182 × 115): a⁴; pages 1-6, [7-8]


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[1]-6: Text
[7-8]: Blank

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Museum Plantin-Moretus
- R 16.23 [18]
- A 1817

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Note 1

Ten prescriptions or decreta for the clergy of the see of Antwerp by bishop F. Sonnius, and promulgated at the synod of the bishopric, 4-6 February 1571.

Note 2

The text is analyzed by C. de Clercq, 'Trois impressions plantiniennes identifiées' in Gutenberg Jahrbuch, 1966, pages 214-216 (with reproduction of the first page on page 215).

Note 3

De Clercq proves by comparison of the type used that Plantin printed this text.

Note 4

Moreover, in the ledger of the Officina Plantiniana for 1568-1571 (Arch. 16, folio 147) it is stated that Plantin delivered to Sonnius, between 2 and 8 February 1571, first 12 copies of the 'Statuta synodalia de Anvers de demi feuille', and then 300 copies to be distributed 'in ipso synodo'. The typographer charged 3 florins Carolus guilders 15 stuivers (= 300 copies at ¼ stuivers per piece).

Note 5

As the text was short only half a sheet of paper per copy was used, which gives a4 for a format in 8⁰.

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