Rights & Permissions
Our authors seek a maximum global audience for the published results of their academic work. We therefore encourage, under certain conditions, the re-use of these texts in other publications, translated into other languages, and, occasionally, as reprinted editions as well. However, permission to re-publish these texts must be obtained beforehand from Brill.

Permission to Re-Use Parts of a Work
Brill is pleased to offer an easy way to request permissions for the re-use of (parts of) our published materials in other publications, course packs, in printed or in electronic format.
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Translation Rights

In order to further the interests of our authors, Brill is always interested to hear your proposals for translations of our publications.e-parts
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Brill's Open Access and Archival Policy
It is our mission to disseminate the intellectual work of our authors and editors to a maximum number of readers, both now and in the future. In order to do so, we distribute our publications worldwide, both in printed and in electronic form, and keep them available for long periods of time, often decades. With a view to preservation for the future, we store our printed publications in various national archives and our electronic publications in the E-Depot of the Dutch National Library and with Portico.

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