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Language Loss

(4,370 words)

Author(s): Abderrahman El Aissati
1. Introduction Language loss refers to a variety of phenomena relating to the loss of a whole language or a portion thereof by an individual or a speech community (Freed 1982:1; Jaspaert a.o. 1986:38; Lambert and Freed 1982:6). Different definitions converge onto an understanding of language loss as partial or complete disappearance of one or more linguistic features from the grammar of a speaker. This feature can be the meaning of a lexical item (reception skills), the item itself (production skills), or a language rule (phonological, morphological, syntactic, or pragmatic). A comm…
Date: 2018-04-01

Berber Loanwords

(3,918 words)

Author(s): Abderrahman El Aissati
This entry deals with contact between Berber and Arabic, the two major languages used in Morocco, and in the rest of North Africa, with a wide array of language variation. First, an overview is given of the history and sociolinguistic situation of the languages involved. Then a closer look is taken at the contact results between the two languages in the areas of phonology, lexicon, and morphosyntax. 1. A brief history of Berber/Arabic contacts The oldest known populations of North Africa are the Libyans or libici. Morocco, as part of this area, had its share in the colonization w…
Date: 2018-09-15