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Arabic Alphabet for Other Languages

(2,573 words)

Author(s): Alan Kaye
The Arabic alphabet is employed for a large number of languages other than Arabic, the Semitic language for which it was originally designed. After the use of the Latin script for the written manifestation of many of today's languages, the Arabic writing system has spread far and wide, chiefly due to Islam. Consequently, it is the second most widespread segmental script in the world rendering a variety …
Date: 2018-09-15


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Author(s): Alan Kaye
English may be considered a typical case of a European language indebted to Arabic (often through the intermediary of another language). Many loanwords, direct or indirect, are in the semantic spheres of astronomy (Pei 1967:225 states that 125 out of 183 star names are from Arabic, with 9 more coming from Arabic via Latin), chemistry, agriculture, clothing, commerce, mathematics, military science, the realm of Islam, and so forth.…
Date: 2018-04-01