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Nàxī 納西 Language / Naish Languages

(7,034 words)

Author(s): Alexis MICHAUD | Yaoping ZHONG | Limin HE
1. General 1.1 Definition and genealogical position ‘Naxi’ (Nàxī 納西) is commonly used in Chinese scholarship as a cover term for a range of language varieties related to the Naxi language as spoken in Lìjiāng 麗江, in Northwestern Yúnnán. The same usage was followed until recently in the Ethnologue inventory of languages (code: NBF). The diversity of this set of "dialects" or "languages" is increasingly recognized, however, witness the creation of two distinct entries in Ethnologue as from May 2011: NXQ for Lìjiāng Naxi (‘Naxi proper’), and NRU for Na/Narua. The latter v…
Date: 2017-03-02

Haudricourt, André-Georges (1911-1996)

(3,048 words)

Author(s): Alexis MICHAUD | Guillaume JACQUES
1. Biography André-Georges Haudricourt was born in 1911. He grew up on his parents’ farm, in a remote area of Picardie. He was curious about techniques, plants, and languages from his early childhood onwards. After he passed the Baccalauréat in 1928, his father advised him to enter the National Institute of Agriculture (Institut national agronomique), in the hope that he would obtain a prestigious position in the administration. But at graduation, Haudricourt got the worst mark of the entire year group (1931): unlike his peers, he …
Date: 2017-03-02