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Author(s): Anton Vögtle
“Aeon” is a transcription of the Greek word αίών which corresponds to the Hebrew 'ōlām. These terms can be adequately rendered in translation only by a number of different expressions. Thus, for a full understanding of the term we must examine the history of the related concepts. A. Usage In the older books of the ОТ 'ōlām signifies a distant, hidden period, one whose beginning and end is lost in darkness; hence it can mean “antiquity” as well as “the future”. Amos in the 8th century speaks of the time of David as the “days of old” (Am 9:11 LXX: αί ήμέραι τοũ αίώνος). 'ōlām is, therefore, in gener…

New Testament Theology - Data and Methods

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Author(s): Anton Vögtle
Part of New Testament Theology: 1. Data and Methods 2. Pauline Theology 3. Johannine Theology Theories as to how a NT theology should be constructed in the concrete continue to this day to differ widely. Nevertheless the programme outlined by H. Schlier would meet with a wide measure of agreement: NT theology has “the task of bringing out the theological ideas which have been expressed either explicitly or implicitly in the NT, to set these in order, and to present them in their intrinsic connection with each other” (H. Schlier in LTK, II, col. 448). 1. The history of New Testament theology. Th…

Jesus Christ - Biblical

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Author(s): Ingrid Maisch | Anton Vögtle
Part of Jesus Christ: 1. Biblical 2. Quest of the Historical Jesus 3. Christology 4. History of Dogma and Theology The following may be listed as assured findings of scholarship: a) No doubt is cast on the historical existence of Jesus by any serious scholar. Now that the debates raised by Bauer and Drews about Christ being a myth have died away, there is wide agreement about the historical fact of Jesus. b) The old-style attempt to construct “Lives of Jesus” has failed; even recent books of this kind (e.g., Stauff…