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Author(s): Péter-Dániel Szántó | Arlo Griffiths
The Sarvabuddhasamāyogaḍākinījālaśaṃvara (hence-forth Śaṃvara) is a significant transitional scripture between what later came to be viewed as the yogatantra and the yoginītantra (or yoganiruttara) classes (Tanaka, 2010, 340); in modern scholarship, it is sometimes referred to as the “proto- yoginītantra” (Tomabechi, 2007, 904; Sanderson, 2009, 147). Along with the Guhyasamājatantra, it bridges the gap between the type of esoteric Buddhism that by and large still operates within the realm of ritual purity and that of transgressive, antinomian esoteric revelation. The Śaṃvar…

Epigraphy: Southeast Asia

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Author(s): Arlo Griffiths | D. Christian Lammerts
Most Buddhist inscriptions in Southeast Asia may be assigned to one of three general analytical categories. They may be classified as citation inscriptions, caption inscriptions, or donative inscriptions; however, there are also less common types of epigraphy (see p. 994 on siddhayātra inscriptions) that elude this tripartite schematization.Epigraphs of the first type are so-called because they inscribe text for which parallels can often be traced in Buddhist scripture. The paradigmatic example is the inscription of the ye dhammā (Pal.) / ye dharmāḥ (Skt.) stanza, an encapsu…