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Forensic Linguistics

(2,632 words)

Author(s): Bin LI
1. Overview Forensic linguistics in China has gone through a rapid development since the 1980s (Lǐ Zhènyǔ 2012). Research in the 1990s and 2000s developed a rising role and contribution for foreign language studies, which introduced concepts and frameworks as well as major developments in the West. During this period, textbooks and monographs with references to local cases were published, written by Chinese scholars including Yú (1990), Zhōu and Sūn (1997); Dù (2004a), Jiāng (1995), Pān (1997); Wá…
Date: 2017-03-02

Perception and Production of Chinese Sounds by Non-native Speakers

(2,981 words)

Author(s): Bin LI | Jing SHAO
1. Perception 1.1 Perception of lexical tones There are four lexical tones in Mandarin. Tone 1 ( ā) is high level, Tone 2 ( á) low rising, Tone 3 ( ǎ) mid-falling and rising, and Tone 4 ( à) high falling. The major consensus of findings on Mandarin tone perception is that native tonal backgrounds help their speakers outperform those whose L1s are non-tonal, e.g., Cantonese speakers did much better than English speakers in discriminating Mandarin tone pairs (Y.-S. Lee et al. 1996). However, a tonal L1 seemed more interfering than facilitating for early bilingual speakers of H…
Date: 2017-03-02