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Author(s): Binns, John
[German Version] 1. The Elder (342, Rome – 409, Jerusalem). Melanie (Melania) was born into a noble and wealthy family and in 356 married Valerius Maximus. By 364 her husband and two sons had died, and providing for her daugh-¶ ter, she began to live an ascetic life. In 372 Melanie left Rome, went first to Egypt, and the following year to Jerusalem. In 378 she founded a convent for 50 nuns on the Mount of Olives (Jerusalem: IV) and in 381 was joined by Tyrannius Rufinus, who founded a monastery for men. In 400 she travelled to Rome, v…

Euthymius the Great

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Author(s): Binns, John
[German Version] (377, Melitene, Armenia – 473) became a monk and traveled to Jerusalem in 405/406 to join Chariton's monastery at Pharan. Later he founded monasteries of Theoctistus in 411, Caparbaricha in 422, ¶ and Paremboles in 430, a Bedouin Christian settlement, although he lived most of his life at his laurite monastery, where he settled in 428. He was a solitary, influenced by Egyptian traditions, and was influential in the period after …


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Author(s): Binns, John
[German Version] (c. 300, Iconium, Asia Minor – c. 350, as a hermit) was imprisoned during persecuation (Persecutions of Christians: I) according to his biographer under Aurelian (died 275), but more likely later. He went to Jerusalem and settled in a cave at Pharan, which had previously been a robbers' hide-out. He was joined by other monks, and archbishop Macarius of Jerusalem (314–333) consecrated a church in the new monastery. He founded two other monasteries…

Cyril of Scythopolis

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Author(s): Binns, John
[German Version] (c. 525, Scythopolis [Beth-Shean] – c. 560). Influenced as a boy by the monk Sabas, he became a monk himself and traveled to Jerusalem in 543. He lived briefly at the monastery of Calamon (544), then at the monastery of Euthymius the Great (544). He was part of the group of orthodox monks who occupied the “New Laura” after the expulsion of the Origenists (555). In 557 he moved to the Great Laura, founded by Sabas. At the New Laura he began his literary work, writing the Vitae of the two main monastic leaders of the Judean desert, Euthymius and Sabas, and then shorter Vitae of his sp…


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Author(s): Binns, John
[English Version] von Theben. In der monastischen Tradition gilt P. als der erste Eremit in der äg. Wüste. Er zog sich laut der Überlieferung während der Verfolgung unter Kaiser Decius i.J. 250 in die Wüste zurück und lebte dort bis zu seinem Tod i.J. 342 im Alter von 113 Jahren. 70 Jahre hindurch brachte ihm ein Rabe täglich Brot. 341 fand sein jüngerer Zeitgenosse Antonius der Große den Weg zu seiner Höhle; nach P.s Tod bestattete er ihn. Dieses Zusammentreffen der beiden alten Männer bildet ein …

Paul of Thebes (Saint)

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Author(s): Binns, John
[German Version] In monastic tradition, Paul was the first hermit of the Egyptian desert. He left for the desert during the persecution of Decius in 250, and lived as a hermit until his death in 342, at the age of 113. For 70 years he was fed by a raven, which brought him bread each day. Around 341 his younger contemporary Anthony of Egypt (251–356) was guided to his cave and after his death buried his body. This meeting of the two old men is a popular iconographic subject. The main source is a Life written by Jerome, generally considered to be legendary in character. John Binns Bibliography Sources: …