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Medical geography

(761 words)

Author(s): Bleker, Johanna
1. Definition Medical geography has a double meaning. First, it means inclusion of medical aspects in the description of localities, regions, or continents (medical topography is medical geography in the narrower sense). Second, it means studying the geographical distribution, statistics, and spread of certain diseases (geographical medicine, geographical epidemiology and pathology).Johanna Bleker2. Tasks and goalsThe leading epistemological interests of medical geography are in the area of practical sanitary measures and in the scientific stud…
Date: 2019-10-14

Medical Reform (1848)

(855 words)

Author(s): Bleker, Johanna
1. Definition The medical reform of 1848 was a collective movement of the German physicians during the  Vormärz period, who sought social and material betterment for themselves as well as better medical care of the underclass. Beginning in the mid-1840s, the radical wing of the reform movement combined these concerns with the idea of human rights and the demand for a democratic constitution.Johanna Bleker 2. Background and history In many of the 39 states constituting the German Confederation, university-trained physicians found themselves in an ambiguous pos…
Date: 2019-10-14