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Golden Rule

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Author(s): Burchard, Christoph
The “Golden Rule” (a phrase not used before the 16th cent.) identifies the principle formulated in Matt. 7:12a and its parallel Luke 6:31, with either positive or negative parallels also among the Greeks (though hardly in philosophical ethics), the Romans, and the Jews (from the Hellenistic period), as well as in China, India, and elsewhere. It rests on the insight that life in society demands regulated giving and receiving, acting and reacting. It is thus a formal statement of what is generally demanded by way of s…

Sermon on the Mount

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Author(s): Burchard, Christoph
1. Title The title “Sermon on the Mount,” which goes back to Augustine (354–430), became established by the 16th century. It is used for the long address by Jesus at the beginning of Matthew (chaps. 5–7) and hence at the beginning of the NT. It has often been regarded as a summary of the preaching or ethics of Jesus. Sometimes the term is used, then, for all that Jesus proclaimed and not just for these three chapters. In the modern period, in which the sermon is valued as a secularized legacy of the church, the reference to Jesus and the Bible is often slight. 2. Contents In Matthew Jesus is speakin…


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Author(s): Plontke-Lüning, Annegret (Jena) | Burchard, Christoph (Göttingen)
[German version] [1] Northern tributary of the Phasis (Ἵππος/ Híppos Str. 11,2,17; Steph. Byz. s.v. Αἶα; Hippos Plin. HN 6,13; Ἵππις/ Híppis in Mocheresis Procop. Goth. 4,1,6); northern tributary of the  Phasis in  Colchis, the modern Cʿḫeniscqali (‘horse water’) in West Georgia. Plontke-Lüning, Annegret (Jena) Bibliography E. Kiessling, s.v. H., RE 8, 1915-1918. [German version] [2] Settlement in the Decapolis This item can be found on the following maps: Syria (ἡ Ἵππος/ hē Híppos, Euseb. On. 22,21 Ἵππη/ Híppē; Aramaic Sūsı̄ṯā ‘mare’). Hellenistic-Byzantine city (region) …


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Author(s): Plontke-Lüning, Annegret (Jena) | Burchard, Christoph (Göttingen)
[English version] [1] nördl. Zufluß des Phasis (Ἵππος Strab. 11,2,17; Steph. Byz. s.v. Αἶα; Hippos Plin. nat. 6,13; Ἵππις in Mocheresis Prok. BG 4,1,6); nördl. Zufluß des Phasis in der Kolchis, der h. Cḫeniscqali (“Pferdewasser”) in West-Georgien. Plontke-Lüning, Annegret (Jena) Bibliography E. Kiessling, s.v. H., RE 8, 1915-1918. [English version] [2] Siedlung in der Dekapolis Dieser Ort ist auf folgenden Karten verzeichnet: Syrien (ἡ Ἵππος, Eus. On. 22,21 Ἵππη; aram. Sūsı̄ṯā “Stute”). Hell.-byz. Stadt(region) östl. des Sees Genezareth. Zuerst gen. bei Plinius (…