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Education, Online

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Author(s): Charlap, Luba R.
The term ‘online learning’ refers to computer-based learning methods which exploit the interactive features of the Internet. Online language learning can enhance the perception of language as primarily a means of communication. Any analysis or evaluation of the content and methods of online learning must be conducted with this basic premise in mind. Online learning of Hebrew is used both by native speakers (L1-learners) and by those learning Hebrew as a second or foreign language (L2-learners). Studies have shown that learning a second or foreign language online has adv…

Grammarians: Medieval Italy

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Author(s): Charlap, Luba R
Hebrew scholars were active in Italy as early as the 10th century C.E., if not before (De Lange 1999:152–153; Eldar 2002). The earliest extant work of Hebrew grammar in the broadest sense of the term, including lexicology as well as Hebrew textbooks, is Nathan ben Rabbi Yeḥiʾel of Rome’s (c. 1035–1106) dictionary הערוך he-ʿaruḵ lit. ‘The Arranged’. In 1140 Abraham ibn Ezra arrived in Rome and brought the Andalusian grammatical system with him. His arrival marks the beginning of the scientific era of Hebrew grammar in Italy. From that time until th…

Grammatical Thought, Medieval Byzantium

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Author(s): Charlap, Luba R.
The history of Hebrew language theory in Byzantium can be divided into two periods: (1) the period of Transmission (העתקה haʿataqa), mainly in the 11th century, when the early Karaite heritage was transferred to Byzantium, and (2) the period of Independent Creativity, mainly from the beginning of the 12th to the middle of the 15th century. In this period Karaite as well as Rabbanite scholars were active, although Karaite grammarians have received more scholarly attention than their Rabbanite counterparts, since the…