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Personal Names

(2,716 words)

Author(s): Christina Katsikadeli
Abstract Tens of thousands of Greek personal names have survived in literary and epigraphic sources, some of which are still common first names in our times. The conservatism in name giving ensured, directly or indirectly, the preservation of information pertaining to many central aspects of the Greek world (history, mythology, religion, literature, aspects of daily life). Names often reflect earlier stages of the language, and their study (as a major part of onomastics) offers valuable insights into the interplay of cultural and linguistic development. Personal names differ fr…
Date: 2013-11-01


(2,312 words)

Author(s): Ioannis Fykias | Christina Katsikadeli
Abstract A great number of Greek place names are arguably of ʻPre-Greekʼ origin. In contrast to those cases, there are toponyms of genuine Greek origin. The term ‘Pre-Greek’ may refer to one or more peoples (of Indo-European or non-Indo-European origin) in the geographical region of continental Greece and the Aegean islands before or during the settlement of Greeks in this area. When a toponym cannot be readily analyzed and interpreted solely on the basis of the lexical and grammatical means of the language in which it is attested, it is supposed to belon…
Date: 2013-11-01