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Acquisition of Semantics, L1

(2,971 words)

Author(s): Chunyan NING
Chinese adults all know that the word zìjǐ 自己 (‘him/herself’) in a sentence like Zhāng Sān juéde Lǐ Sì xǐhuān zìjǐ 張三覺得李四喜歡自己 ‘Zhāng Sān thinks that Lǐ Sì likes him(self)’ can refer to the same person that either Zhāng Sān or Lǐ Sì refers to, that a sentence like Měige nánrén dōu xǐhuān yīge nǚrén 每個男人都喜歡一個女人 ‘Every man loves a woman’ should be understood as John loves Mary, Bill loves Emily, Jack loves Lisa, and so on so forth , and that the wh-word shénme 甚麼 ‘what’ in a sentence like Wǒ méi kànjiàn shénme 我没看見甚麼 ‘I haven’t seen anything’ must be interpreted as anything in contrast with shénme in Nǐ kà…
Date: 2017-03-02

Generative Linguistics in Mainland China

(1,684 words)

Author(s): Chunyan NING
The first appearance of Noam Chomsky as a linguist in Mainland China was on a brief review of a critique of Syntactic Structures by a linguist from the former Soviet Union carried in Спутник ( Satellite, a journal for Chinese learners of Russian edited by Hēilóngjiāng Dàxué 黑龍江大學 Hēilóngjiāng University) in 1960. Due to the ideological confinement at that time, nobody in the linguistic community in Mainland China realized that the little …
Date: 2017-03-02