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Verbal Valency

(2,183 words)

Author(s): Coulter George
Abstract Verbal valency (or valence) refers to the number of arguments that are required by the syntax of a particular verb. For instance, if a verb is intransitive and takes only a subject, then it has a valency of one; if it is transitive and takes both a subject and a direct object, it has a valency of two. Perhaps the most important ramification of verbal valency lies in the category of voice: the passive can be understood as a strategy for reducing the valency by one in that, by promoting an…
Date: 2013-11-01

Lexical Aspect (Aktionsart)

(5,093 words)

Author(s): Coulter George
Abstract Lexical aspect, or Aktionsart, is a linguistic category that refers to certain verbal properties, such as durativity and telicity, that resemble those expressed by grammatical aspect, but which, rather than being chosen by the speaker to express a particular viewpoint on the action in a given utterance, are instead associated consistently with individual verbal lexemes and the situations to which they refer. Aktionsarten interact with grammatical aspect both morphologically and syntactic…
Date: 2013-11-01