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13– Esther

(3,531 words)

Author(s): De Troyer, Kristin
Part of 13–17 Five Scrolls - 13–17.1 Primary Translations - 13–17.1.1 SeptuagintThere are two Greek texts of the book of Esther. The Old Greek appears in all but four manuscripts and is also known as the Septuagint text. The Greek text found in manuscripts lxx19, 93, 108, 319 is the so-called Alpha Text (at).13– Old Greek Text of Esther 13– Witnesses1The Old Greek (lxx) text of Esther (og-Esth) appears in four uncial manuscripts (Codex Alexandrinus [lxxa], Codex Vaticanus [lxxb], Codex Friderico-Augustanus [lxxs], and Codex Venetus [lxxv]), in thirty-two mi…
Date: 2020-03-17

6.2 Greek

(4,524 words)

Author(s): De Troyer, Kristin
Part of 6 Esther, Additions to 6.2.1 Introduction and Editions1There are no existing Greek texts of the book of Esther without the Additions to Esther.2 This opening statement may come as a surprise, but as the Additions to Esther and their position in the two Greek texts of Esther (see I.17.1 and I.13– play an important role in the debate about especially the nature of the second Greek text, every theory about the two Greek texts of Esther needs to take into account the presence of the Additions to Esther in both Greek texts.3 As Macchi summarizes: “It is therefore most probab…
Date: 2020-02-27

17.1 Textual History of Esther

(5,071 words)

Author(s): De Troyer, Kristin
Part of 17 Esther17.1.1 History of ResearchResearch on the book of Esther was primarily done on mt (17.2.2). The publication in 1655 of a second Greek text, the so-called Lucianic Text, Alpha Text, or A Text,1 however, led to a substantial change in scholarship, albeit at a much later time (13– regard to the Hebrew text of the book of Esther, as early as 1793, Michaelis2 questioned the originality of the last sections of the book of Esther, Esth 9:17–32 and 10:1–3, ascribing them to a different hand.3 From Bertheau onwards, however, the interpolated verses were consi…
Date: 2020-03-17

Septuagint / Hellenistic Jewish Books

(2,056 words)

Author(s): De Troyer, Kristin | Candido, Dionisio
The Septuagint is a collection of Greek biblical books, some of which were translated from a Hebrew biblical text and others composed in Greek. These Greek texts underwent different revisions which left traces in the textual history. Whereas the reconstruction of the Old Greek text as it left the hands of the translators, is a goal of critical editions, the presentation of its textual development as it becomes visible in many witnesses is also interesting as it sheds light on different contexts of the Jewish (and later Christian) communities.⸙The strange thing about the (Greek) Bib…
Date: 2023-11-20