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Author(s): Engelbert, Pius
[German Version] The head of an independent monastery or nunnery under Rule of St. Benedict, sometimes, also, of other communities, in the East of almost all monasteries. Abbás (Gk άββάς; Aram. abba, Copt. apa) originally designated the experienced monk as a spiritual father, although Pachomius was already also a superior. At first charismatic in character (still so in Basil the Great), the abbot concept …

Benedict of Aniane, Saint

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Author(s): Engelbert, Pius
[German Version] (actually Witiza; c. 750 – Feb 11, 821). Abbot Benedict of Aniane was the son of a Visigothic count. In 774, he entered the monastery of St. Seine near Dijon; around 780, he was leading a semi-eremitical life in southern France, following a mixed rule. In 787, he adopted the Rule of St. Benedict. In Aquitania, he founded the great monastery of…