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Dicks, Russell Leslie

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Author(s): Evison, Ian
[German Version] (1906–1965) was an early leader in the development of the modern pastoral care movement in the United States. After clinical training at Worcester State Hospital in Massachusetts, Dicks was employed in 1933 by Massachusetts General Hospital. Together with R. Cabot he wrote The Art of Ministering to the Sick (1936), long considered to be the basic text for general hospital chaplaincy. Dicks's lasting contribution was the development with the cooperation of Cabot of the verbatim des…

Church Growth

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Author(s): Evison, Ian
[German Version] Broadly, the term church growth refers at once to an ever-burgeoning array of methods aimed at facilitating the growth of churches and more narrowly to the church ¶ growth movement within Protestant evangelical Christianity growing out of the work of Donald A. McGavran (1897–1990). McGavran founded the Church Growth Institute at Fuller Theological Seminary and was an influential teacher to many in North America who have become leading authors, consultants, and teachers in their own right…

Cabot, Richard Clarke

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Author(s): Evison, Ian
[German Version] (May 21, 1868, Brookline, MA – May 8, 1939, Cambridge, MA), physician in Boston, MA; together with E. Worcester and others, and with the Emmanuel movement, he was concerned with the introduction of methods of group therapy which aimed to combine somatic and psychological treatments. With A Plea for a Clinical Year in the Course of Theological Education (Survey 55 of Dec 1, 1925) Cabot's involvement in the reformation of theological education commenced. He envisioned a general reform moving away from the traditional academi…